Sunday, July 1, 2012

Storage room to bedroom - The reveal!!

Sorry I made you all wait so long to see what Cody's bedroom looks like! I had to go out of town, and Cody and I had some final touches to put on the bedroom before we took pictures.

There are still some things to do, but I'd say this room is 99% complete.

On with the pics!!!

Here is a quick recap of the project:

The room: A 10 X 12 room in the basement that was originally painted red for Tim's son to use as a bedroom. Patrick didn't end up moving in so this room has just been used as a storage room for the last 3+ years.

First I had to empty the room, that was quite a project. It took a few weeks to find a new home for all of that junk:

Next I painted several coats of Kilz to cover up the red:

Then I painted the walls a soft blue, and the ductwork in bright colors:

And my son Chris layed (laid?) the carpet:

And now for the finished room:

I need to add another panel to that pink curtain to make it fuller. 
Her nightstand needs to be painted white.
The water pipe thing in the bottom right needs to be covered with something.

Otherwise, cute, cute cute!!!!

The dark purple square on the ductwork needs to be lightened. It's too dark and doesn't really look purple:

Tim needs to hang her long mirror on the back of her door:

It really turned out nice! It's calm and peaceful, but not drab. We were surprised at how much room there is in there after we started adding the furniture. It's a tiny room, but it's OK for 1 person. Cody has plenty of room for her stuff, and she can still move around.