Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Carnival Magic Tour

WELCOME to my tour of the Carnival Magic!!

(Please read my review of my 7 day cruise on the Carnival Magic HERE!)

I'll start my tour at the bottom of the ship and work my way up: 

Deck 1 has only cabins, so there wasn't much to photograph.


Same as deck 1, deck 2 has only guest cabins.


Deck 3 is the Lobby deck, where you will enter the ship. The lobby was decorated in golds and greens (with a bit of purple and pink thrown in), and it was just beautiful:

There is a bar in the lobby area. Just above the bar is a small stage area with a grand piano.

On deck 3 you will find the entrance to the main theater:

The shore excursion desk is in the Lobby area. This is where you can book fun things to do on the islands and ask questions about different excursions:

Guest services, also in the lobby area, is like the front desk at a hotel. They can help with any questions or concerns you have:

Looking up at the glass ceiling in the lobby:

A different view of the lobby area:

The lower entrance to the Northern Light restaurant (or the Main Dining Room) is just off the lobby:

Inside the Northern Lights Dining Room:


From deck 4, you can look over the railing onto the lobby area:

At the front of the ship, you will find the entrance to the upper level of the main theater on deck 4:

A view of the balcony seating in the theater:

Deck 4 has the Pixels gallery. During the entire cruise, there are photographers all over the ship asking to take your picture. You can go to the Pixels Gallery to find your pictures and purchase them if you want to:

I wandered down this long hallway to see what was down there. This hallway is called "The Lower Magical Way Promenade:

I found the ship library:

A Conference Center:

I walked past the upper level of the Northern Lights Dining room:

Toward the back of the ship, there is an arcade called The Warehouse:

Inside The Warehouse:

The entrance to Club O2 (one of the kids clubs) was inside the arcade:

At the very back of the ship on Deck 4, is the entrance to the Southern Lights Dining room:

Entering the Southern Lights Dining room:

The entrance to the kids clubs are on Deck 4:

I saw several areas with computers for guests to use:


Moving up to Deck 5 - there is A LOT going on on deck 5:

This is an outside area called The Lanai:

There were a few hot tubs out on Deck 5:

If you want to take an outdoor shower, you can do it on deck 5!

They had a fabulous looking barbecue out on the Lanai. They were just setting up for lunch when I walked past:

Plenty of places to sit outside and eat lunch:

Looking over the side rail on Deck 5:

At the back of the ship:

Looking off the back of the ship:

Walking back around to the other side of Deck 5:

Back inside, there is a small stage area where they had some activities and games:

The Taste Bar:

A coffee shop:

Deck 5 has the Red Frog Pub:

Entrance to the Red Frog Pub:

Inside the Pub:

The Red Frog Pub has a space outdoors to sit:

Back inside the ship again, but still on deck 5, is the Vibe Nightclub:

Inside the nightclub, they have many places to sit and listen to music:

The bar area inside the Nightclub:

The dance floor:

On deck 5 toward the back of the ship is the Piano Bar:

And the lounge where they had the Comedy Club:

The Prime Steakhouse:

Inside the steak house:

There are more "FunHub" areas with computers:

The casino is also on Deck 5:

The Casino Bar:

Overlooking the lobby area from deck 5:

Every ship needs a candy store!

And the gift shops are on Deck 5:


There are more passenger cabins on deck 6:

And more passenger cabins on deck 7


Passenger cabins on deck 8


Passenger cabins on deck 9


The Lido Deck is where the pools and the food are! Here is a view of the main pool (mid-ship):

A view from my favorite sitting place overlooking the main pool. We had a great view of the pool and the big screen TV from here:

And a rainy nighttime view of my favorite sitting place:

I loved the way the lights looked at the pool at night:

The 2nd pool is also located on Deck 10, but it's at the back of the ship:

There are 2 hot tubs back here too:

Another view of the back pool:

I love looking at the trail of waves we make as we glide along the ocean:

Now, on to the FOOD!!!
The Lido Marketplace is the big buffet on deck 10:
(web image)

(web image)

(web image)

(web image)

There are plenty of stations on Deck 10 to get free coffee, tea, and lemonade:

There is a Tandoor Indian station:

And a deli, where you can get a ot ham and cheese, or a corned beef sandwich:

This was a bar on the back of deck 10:


Deck 11 has guest cabins in the front, and an outdoor area from mid-ship to the back of the ship.
My cabin was at the very front of deck 11 on the starboard (right) side:

My cabin:

The cabin was very small, but it worked out just fine. There was plenty of room for the 2 of us:

Around the corner from my cabin was an elevator that would take us up to the spa:

(more of the spa part of this tour coming up!)

The outdoor part of deck 11 overlooks the main pool.

This is the smoking area on deck 11. The smoking area went from mid-ship all the way to the back of the ship on the port (left) side of the ship:

More of the smoking area:

Walking toward the back of the ship on deck 11:

At the very back of deck 11 were these comfortable seating areas.

This side (the port side) allowed smoking back here, but it was always too windy to comfortably sit out there with a lit cigarette:

Mid-ship on deck 11 was the entrance to one of the kids clubs, Camp Ocean. The ship map has this labeled as "Camp Carnival":

Cucina Del Capitano, the Italian restaurant, is also located on deck 11 toward the back of the ship.


Deck 12 was the "fun" deck.

I found this small set of stairs by the mid-ship elevator on deck 11:

I went up the stairs, and out the door.............and the fun was in full swing out here!

Ping-pong, mini-golf, ropes much to do here:

There is a small hot dog stand that opens for lunch:

And a bar for the adults:

There is a jogging track. I followed it to the back of the ship:

Toward the back of the ship I found the basketball court:

And some outdoor exercise equipment:

I continued to follow the jogging track around the other side and back toward mid-ship:

Coming from the back of the ship, when I got to the mid-ship pool, I could see the Carnival Waterworks area:

They had some interesting and fun furniture back in the Waterworks area:

At the front of deck 12, there was an indoor area for the spa with a reception desk:

The fitness center is at the very front of the ship:




Continuing up one floor to deck 14, there was another reception desk for the spa:

Inside the spa area is a Thalassotherapy pool. This pool was filled with sea water and was kept at body temperature> It was very nice and relaxing.

The other end of the Thalassotherapy pool:

This is a pic of the Thelassotherapy pool with the jets turned off. They had a long bench made of metal tubing all down one side of the pool to lay on:

Plenty of towels for guests to use while enjoying the spa:

Just outside of the Thalassotherapy pool is the Relaxation room:

Inside the relaxation room are comfortable places to sit, nice views, and refreshments:

On the other side of the Thelassotherapy pool are the steam rooms. The green room was a warm room, with very little steam. There were hot tile beds to lay on and there was soft music playing. This room was HEAVEN:

You could splash some cool water on your face here:

There was a round shower off of the green room. This shower had cool lighting, different settings for the water, and a rainshower that came from above. I swear I could smell humectris in this shower. it must have been coming from some side vents, or it was in the shower water itself. 
It was very nice:

The red room had a bit more steam than the green room. It also had hot tile beds and calming music:

The little water fountain in the red room:

There were at least 2 more steam rooms. Both had so much steam I couldn't get a picture of the insides of the rooms.
They were like giant sauna rooms with tile seating around the rooms:

Down the hall from the steam rooms and the Thalassotherapy pool, I found the womens locker room:

Inside, there were plenty of towels:

The first shower was very large and had a curtain:

The second shower had a locking door:

There were 3 toilet stalls inside the locker room:

The sink and counter area was nice. There were hairdryers to use:

Around the corner were lockers for guest use:

There were more winding hallways that led to the massage rooms and the salon (where you would get your hair done or a mannicure/pedicure):

The entrance to the salon:


There was one more deck above the spa which is the adults only area or "The Serenity Deck". This should actually be Deck 15, but there was no sign saying DECK 15 (I looked and looked!) The only sign I found was the Serenity Deck sign:

The Serenity deck had a lot of comfortable looking places to sit and relax:

The Serenity Deck bar:

There were 2 hot tubs, one on each side of the Serenity Deck:

Thanks for going along with me on my tour of the Carnival Magic!!!

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