Saturday, September 10, 2011

Introductions- Tim & Andrea

(This post was written September - 2011)

Since this is a newish blog, and since we just made a few changes to the format of the blog, I thought it would be appropriate to write a bit about who we are.
I'll begin with myself:
My name is Andrea, and I'm 45. I was adopted at birth and raised by a couple who had adopted another daughter 2 years before me. My sister and I had a pretty average childhood, we did all the things most middle class children did in the 70's and 80's. We did move a lot when we were growing up, and I ended up planting my roots in Kansas City. This was where we lived through my high school years, and this is where I stayed after I graduated. My parents and sister have since moved on, and I am the only remaining member of my family living in Kansas City. Mom and sister are in Wisconsin, a 7 hour drive from my house. Dad landed in Cleveland, quite a bit further away.

Finding out I was adopted was a defining moment in my life. I learned I was adopted when I was 16 and from that moment on, I knew I would try to find my birthfamily. As it turns out, searching for my birthfamily became life changing for me which I will definitely write about in future posts. (Read about my birthmom in this post). The whole story is quite fascinating. The end result was that I did find my birthfamily, a most WONDERFUL family.  I came away from that experience with my very own Private Investigators license and now I help others who are searching for their birthfamily, or other lost loved ones. Along the years, I have become pretty good at people-finding. I also do family history and genealogy research.

My P.I. business is actually my second job. Eventually I would like to do this full time but for now I'll keep my day job. I am a secretary at one of the local community colleges. It's a good job with decent hours and I have a nice boss. I have Fridays off, and I don't work weekends. I love that we get all of the good holidays off, plenty of snow days, and plenty of time in the summer off for vacations.

I met Tim in high school and we "went together" for several months during my senior year. As most high school relationships do, we broke up and lost touch with each other for many years. I'm so happy we live in the computer age, and because of all of the new interfacing websites, Tim and I reconnected in the summer of 2008, after 25 years apart.

The last 3+ years have been a blast! Tim and I are very happy together, and we tied the knot last May 1st in Key West followed by a 10 day cruise to the Bahamas and Jamaica. (Read about our wedding HERE, and our Honeymoon HERE). It was as fun as it sounds and I love reading back through my old posts and reliving it all over and over again.
Tim and I both came into this new life and marriage together with kids. He has one, I have four. All five of our kids are now in their young 20's and all beginning their new adult lives. We will share posts on how we are dealing with our young-adult kids as they branch out on their own. We have one straggler, my youngest son, who plans to enter the Air Force in a few months. I'll keep you all posted on how that goes.

Tim and I have all kinds of plans for ourselves now that we are entering a new phase in our lives. We want to finish fixing up our house, we want to continue traveling, and a million other things in between.

A little about Tim- he is also 45, although he is 7 months younger than I am. He works in heavy construction, meaning long hours and and an hour commute time (each way) to work. This also means I send him to work clean each day, and he comes home filthy every night.

When he's home he keeps himself busy building motorcycles and fixing up old cars. Typical guy stuff. He likes loud things and he is particularly proud of his Harley that he rarely gets to ride anymore.

I hate to say that I just summed up my husband in two short paragraphs, but he's really a pretty simple guy. I will say that although he looks like a bear, he is actually a very kind and sweet man.

Here is a picture of Tim taken in Jamaica on our honeymoon in May 2011.

And my favorite picture from our beach wedding in Key West.

Just for the fun of it, I'll end this post with yearbook pictures of Tim and I from back when we dated in high school. These were taken in 1983, I think

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