Friday, November 25, 2011

Burn Day!

We couldn't let this long weekend go by without a project.

This morning we burned all of the brush and tree limbs from our yard. We have several mature trees that drop limbs throughout the year. Plus we tore out the bushes from the front of the house a few months ago, so we had a giant pile of dead bushes to deal with.

We usually burn twice a year.

Here is part of the pile we have collected since spring

We brought all of the brush and limbs to the middle of the yard and made a nice burn pile

Tim lit it with a propane torch (he calls it a weed burner) --- and yes, we had a fire permit and shovels and water nearby

We had a nice bonfire for a few hours. And we walked around the yard and collected all of the sticks, limbs, and fallen tree branches we could find.

Until everything burned down to mostly ashes

So that was our day-after-thanksgiving fun! (and now my yard is all cleaned up and ready for winter!) YAY!!

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