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Tim & Andrea's honeymoon cruise - Day 5

If you're new here, you may want to read my previous post about our private Key West beach wedding here, and also read about Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 of our honeymoon cruise before you continue on with this post.

And you can read about all of the wedding planning here!

All caught up? Great, we're ready to continue on with Day 5 of our awesome honeymoon cruise:


Tim and I were up at 6:30. We grabbed the camera and took pictures just as we were pulling into the port of Nassau.

We both showered and dressed by 7:30, and room service had already brought Tim's coffee.We noticed the Carnival Fantasy pulling into port next to us. I took this pic from my bed.
We took the elevator down to the lobby on deck 3 and found the kiosk where we could check our sail-n-sign account. We had spent less than $100.00 so far, we're doin good!!!

We went up to deck 9- the Lido deck and stood in the short line for the breakfast buffet.

Back to our room around 9:30 to grab our totebag, and we noticed the Disney Dream was pulling into port beside us. I love everything Disney, and we stood on our balcony and checked out their awesome ship.
They had a much cooler waterslide on their ship than we did, it was a tube thing and they used rafts on their waterslide.

They also had a swimming pool on one of the upper decks, on the side, and it had a glass wall. We could see them swimming through the glass wall. WOW! I wondered what else they had on their ship that I couldn't see. It was a very cool looking ship! Oh, do I love Disney!

Around 9:45 Tim and I were able to go down to deck 0 and get off the ship. We walked down the long pier, and into Nassau.
It was a busy, bustling town. Lots of cars, stores, people..........it was definitely a change from the last 2 islands we had visited.
We saw the Harley Davidson store right away, and we headed for it. It was a nice store, although much smaller than the HD stores in the US.

We came out of the store with 3 t-shirts and a magnet. One shirt for Tim, one for me, and one for my best friend Christina.

Here is our magnet. 

The next stop was the straw market. We asked someone for directions, and walked the short distance taking in the sights of Nassau as we walked.

The straw market was interesting. It was an open air building with tons of stuff packed inside. I spied a Coach purse right away that I just loved. The woman was asking $75.00 for it, and I tried to talk her down in price. I wanted to pay $30.00 for it, and she wouldn't go that low. We kept walking.
We saw the same purse a few booths down, and this lady was asking $60.00 for this one. We stopped to haggle with her, and we ended up buying the purse and 4 t-shirts for $50.00. Tim paid with cash.

When we walked out of the straw market with a handcarved ashtray ($4.00), and a small handmade purse for my best friend ($8.00) ,We really weren't sure if we had gotten a good deal on our stuff we bought, but we sure had fun! I love my new purse, and yes, its fake. ( I knew that before we bought it)

Back out in the sunny streets of Nassau, we walked around for a while.
We stopped in this little coffee shop so Tim could have a cup of coffee. We chatted with the waitress while we sat at the counter, and she told us a little about Nassau. We asked her where she goes on her vacations, and she said she goes to New York to shop.

When we left the coffee shop, we headed toward the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. Great atmosphere, great food! Tim ate shrimp and pasta, which he just LOVED. I ate a chicken club sandwich, and it was VERY good!

After our liesurely lunch, Tim and I went back to the ship (which was only a few short blocks away) to drop off our stuff we had bought.We noticed the Carnival Sensation was in port now too.

So now what? Do we hang out on the ship for the afternoon? Thats OK for a sea day, but we thought we should make the most of our time in Nassau.

Tim and I decided we still had time to grab a taxi and go see Paradise Island. We walked back off the ship, and back down the long dock, and into the port area. Immediately, I saw a man with a sign that said "water taxi $3.00".
We asked if his water taxi was going to Paradise Island, and indeed it was! Tim paid the $6.00 for our ride.

The man asked us to stay where we were, while he looked for a few other people to ride the water taxi. Tim and I chatted with some other people who were waiting with us, and we watched the man hustle to get more riders. Soon, the man came back to us, and asked us to follow him to the taxi. He held a map high above his head, and he walked FAST out of the port area, and down to a small dock with some water-taxi's.

We ran/walked to keep up with him. Soon we found out this man's name was Wade, and he was our guide for the water-taxi (boat) ride to Paradise Island. He was very funny, and he told us all about Nassau on the way over to the Island. He pointed out Nicolas Cage's home, a house where a James Bond movie was filmed, and the hospital where Anna Nicole's daughter was born. He really had a great personality, and he entertained us all during the ride.

As we pulled into Paradise Island, he passed his hat around and we all tipped him a dollar or two. There were about 50 people on the water taxi, and Wade had a hatfull of money by the time we docked.

The whole water taxi process took about 30 minutes, and Wade sure earned good tip money during that time. He deserved it! He was a funny and very informative guide.

We were dropped off on Paradise Island, and I expected to see beaches (I wanted to get our baggie full of sand), but instead we saw buildings, streets, and shops. This place was HUGE!! We weren't sure where to go, so we started walking towards the main hotel, Atlantis. It was quite a little walk, but we got to the hotel in about 10 minutes.

Look who we found at the front entrance of the hotel!!

Our friends Hameed, Sandra, Norma and Brian

We all chatted for a minute or two, and then Tim and I went off to find sand. We didn't have a lot of time before we had to get back on the ship. 

We walked through the hotel, and found a door that looked like it led to the beach. Once back outside, we tried to get to the sand, but there was a lady who stopped us. We couldn't go to the beach without paying for a day-pass. Nevermind.

Here I am on the balcony of the hotel casino. I'm oh-so-close to that sand and I can't get to it!

But I'm in PARADISE, so I think I'll pose for a picture!

Back into the hotel, we took a few pictures, 
We looked around a little, (what a beautiful hotel!) and then we headed back to the water taxi.

We had to wait for the next taxi to come for us, so I had a strawberry-bananna daquiri while we waited. It was made with fresh fruit, and it was YUMMY!

Here I am waiting for my daquiri:

Our guide for our water-taxi ride back to Nassau wasn't as good as Wade was, and he didn't get nearly as many tips as Wade did. Wade had REALLY worked his crowd and I missed him on our ride back!

Back in Nassau, Tim and I spotted a beach a little further down from the dock area where we were dropped off. Still in search of sand, we walked toward it. We got as far as Senior Frogs, and we asked the doorman about the beach. He said that beach was a private beach, but there was a public beach down even further. Nevermind.

We didn't think we had enough time to get to the public beach and still make it back on the ship.

We walked back to the port area sandless. Bummer.

Back in our cabin (home-sweet-home) we changed our clothes and went up to the top aft deck to watch sailaway.

Tim and I had brought our bottle of champagne with us on the ship, this was the bottle that the Intercontinental hotel had given us on our wedding night. Since we really don't drink much, it was still unopened.

Our idea was to open it with our 4 friends while we were on the ship, and we would all have a toast. We never had time to crack open the bottle, and also none of us really liked champagne (except Hameed) and now the ship was due to dock in Miami the next morning!

Tim grabbed the bottle from our cabin, and we took it with us to give to Hameed. He would have to enjoy it by himself.

We found Norma, Brian, Sandra and Hameed and the 6 of us found a spot by the rail at the back of the ship.
The 6 of us took pictures, and talked, and laughed while we waited for the ship to leave the port. This would be our last day with Sandra and Hameed, as they had to get off the ship the next morning. We posed for a picture, the best pic of the 6 of us we had taken so far.

 We also got a chance to shoot a good picture of the hospital where Anna Nicole had her baby girl. It's the pink building in the top center of the picture. Much smaller than I imagined.

It was taking a long time for sailaway, and at some point, our 4 friends went off to do other things. I think Brian and Norma were going to the past guest party, and Sandra and Hameed went off somewhere too.

Tim and I stood at the rail and took pictures of Nassau while we waited for sail-away.

We saw our first pier runners!! It was a whole family, and everyone on the ship heckled them and cheered for them to "keep running!!" Those poor people, running as fast as they could down the LONG pier. It was great fun watching them run to try to get to the ship on time! They all made it on the ship, it seems the ship was a little late leaving the port anyway.

At some point, the crew untied the ropes, and we were off. No, now we were pulling back into port. The crew retied the ropes. We watched and wondered what was going on. Soon the captain came over the loudspeaker and told us we had to pull back into port for a medical emergency, and we would be leaving soon.

We heard sirens, and soon an ambulance drove up to our ship.
We couldn't see anything that was going on, and Tim and I hung around until 5:55 waiting for sailaway.

We never heard another word about the medical emergency while we were on the ship. After we got home, we found out what had happened. There was a fatal jet-ski accident that afternoon. How sad! We heard that 2 girls on a jet-ski had hit a boat. One girl had died at the hospital, and the other was in critical condition. This news was terrible to hear, and Tim and I felt bad that we had been enjoying our day while this happened. Very sad. We wish the best to the surviving girl, and we send love and hugs to the family of the girl that didn't make it.

But at the time all this was happening, we were clueless.

Tired of waiting for sailaway, Tim and I went down to the MDR for our 6:00 dining time. We were happy to see our server, Achmed!
During dinner, we noticed we had sailed away from Nassau.
Tim in the MDR:

Dinner that night was great! Tim ate salmon, and I had some kind of chicken. We loved the MDR!! We loved Achmed, who greeted us by name everytime he saw us, and spoiled us rotten. They always had a coffee cup at our table for Tim's coffee, and we were always offered rolls and butter as soon as we sat down. Service in the MDR was always fast. I miss my little booth by the wall!!

Tonight was really the first night I had the opportunity to try the chocolate melting cake. I had been wanting to try this, I LOVE CHOCOLATE!! It was time!!!

I hate to say it, but I didn't like my melting cake. (I'm sorry! I know a lot of people love this, and I really wanted to love it too!!)
It was dark chocolate, and kind of bitter. I'm a milk chocolate girl.

That night, the waiters sang and danced because it was everyone's last night on the ship. Tim and I watched from over the railing and we were surprised and happy to see Achmed down there on the podium dancing and singing his heart out! He gyrated, and skipped, and jumped on one foot, spun around.....all on a tiny little podium thing. It was so fun to watch!

Later when I saw Achmed, I gave him a high-five (Achmed liked to high-five) and I said "Achmed! I had no idea you were so crazy!!"

Tim and I went back to our cabin and found the bed turned down, our FUN TIMES for the next day, our chocolates, and a seal towel animal! Love it!!

Tim and I watched the sunset from our balcony, and we saw a sailboat. We could see some bahamas islands in the distance.

I had an idea! I wanted to go up to the lido deck and get in a hot tub. Tim wasn't as thrilled as I was but he agreed to go with me. We changed into swimsuits, and headed to deck 9. We went back to the adults only serenity deck. They have 2 hot tubs and a pool. Also, the ice cream machine was back there!

The hot tubs and pool were empty!! Everyone must be packing their stuff to go home, or watching shows, or gambling.......

This was perfect, and Tim and I stayed in the hot tub for 30-40 minutes. I stayed in a little longer than Tim did.

I also got in the pool, just so I could say I swam in a pool on a ship. Then back in the hot tub to warm back up. The pool wasn't cold, it was nice, but the hot tub was very nice!

  I got my ice cream cone, and Tim and I walked up the stairs to the top deck. There weren't many people about and we walked around and explored the jogging track, the mini-golf course, and the outdoor stage area where the band played during the daytime.
The waterslide was closed. I wanted to try it, but after reading the sign, we saw that it closed when it got dark at night. Must be too dangerous to keep it open after dark. I made a mental note to be sure to try the waterslide at least once before we got off the ship.

Back to our cabin, we saw Y in the hallway. He greeted us by name (with a giant smile) and opened our door for us with his passkey. He did this frequently, and we always saw him in the hallways when we were coming and going. Y was just awesome! We talked to him for a few minutes. We asked if we would need to attend the next day's muster drill, since we had attended the previous one. He said he would ask, but he thought we would have to attend.

We also asked him about his work, and his time off. He told us he works 7 days a week for 6 to 7 months at a time. His workday consisted of cleaning rooms, hallways and general steward duties in the morning until 1:30. Then he had a break until 4:30, when he went back to turn our rooms down and do more steward duties. He ended his workday at 10:30 PM. He said on embarkment days (when the ship docks in Miami to load new passengers), he doesn't get anytime off at all those days. He said embarkment days were the hardest workdays. My goodness! 7 days a week!! I wondered how much he got paid??!! I didn't dare ask him though.
We went in our cabin, and found an envelope on the bed with a letter telling us that Carnival was happy to have us for another cruise, and we were to meet in the Paladium Theatre at 9:40 the next morning for our turnaround. We were really happy that we were staying on the ship for one more cruise!

We showered, and got ready for bed. It was about 9:30 PM and we watched TV and I downloaded our pics from the day.

We especially liked the Carnival TV channel that showed the map of where the ship was positioned. It told the depth of the ocean where we were at the time, and how fast we were traveling. We had this channel on several times a day. At one point during the beginning of the cruise, the ocean was almost 3 miles deep! It was a little creepy thinking about huge whales, sharks, giant squid, eels, and submarines down there.

We also watched the other Carnval channels, the ones that replayed some of the shows and talks that were done on the ship throughout the week.

There was a lot of noise and banging going on this night. I peeked out our cabin door and saw that everyone was packing and putting their luggage out in the hallway for the crew to pick up.

 How sad for the people that had to go home in the morning. Tim and I would be staying on the ship and enjoying another 5 days and 2 more islands.  So happy!
Back in bed, in our cozy little cabin, we were again rocked to sleep like babies in a cradle. Tomorrow we could sleep in!


Day 6 is HERE!!!

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