Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Week at our house

We have a huge all-day thing planned for Christmas this year.

I'm making a ton of food, and we'll have a small group of friends and family here for the day. For a small group, there will be 15 of us total and that includes 2 nine year olds, and 2 one year olds.

So glad I don't have to work my day job this week because I have a lot to do to prepare for Christmas around here.

This is what my week looks like so far:

Monday- Today I plan to go to the post office to mail 4 of my Christmas earring giveaway winners their pairs of earrings. There were actually 6 winners in the giveaway, but I was able to hand deliver 2 pairs of earrings over the weekend. Sorry I couldn't hand deliver them all!

Christmas earrings ready to be shipped!

I also plan to get some house cleaning done, and a little furniture re-arranging to prepare for a crowd.

I'm working on my Christmas Day menu, and grocery store list. Tim and I already went to the grocery store over the weekend and bought the bulk of the food we need. I'll have to go back and get a few more things this week.

Tuesday- My son Paul's 24th birthday!! My goodness these kids are making me feel old!

The dogs both need baths. I hate getting them wet when it's cold out, but I have no choice. Our dogs are starting to stink. I'll crank the heat in the house and get it nice and toasty in here, and I'll get it over with as fast as I can.

The puppies wait patiently at the front door for Timmy to come home from work. They know his car, and when they see him, it's bedlam around here until I let them out the door to run and greet him:

Wednesday- My son Chris and I will spend some time standing in line for a Honey-Baked Ham. We do this every year. It usually takes about an hour and a half to get through the line and the place is an absolute madhouse. I expect the crowds to be worse this year since the weather is nicer than it has been in years here.

Can't wait to taste the Christmas ham!

Thursday- This will mostly be a cleaning the house day.
I also plan to go to Target for some last minute things. It probably isn't a very good idea to go to Target 2 days before Christmas, maybe I'll try to fit this in earlier in the week.

Friday- Making Baklava! It has to cure for 48 hours before we can eat it. If I make it on friday it will be perfect on Christmas Day!


Saturday is Christmas Eve!- and I will be in the kitchen ALL DAY LONG! I'll get all of my desserts done on Saturday, and I'll prepare some of the appetizers for the next day. Some of the desserts I will be preparing are: fudge, 3 kinds of cookies (sugar, choc chip and peanut butter), brownies, cup cakes, and 6 pies. Don't forget the Baklava! And those are just the desserts -

Dessert baking day happy dance!!

Christmas Eve we will be eating Rib Eye's and twice-baked potatoes for dinner. So glad one of my sons is a butcher, because I love my steak!

Sunday is Christmas Day! - We will spend the day with friends and family and we will feast! We will start our day with breakfast burritos, and finish breakfast with some homemade Monkey Bread. As the day goes on, and our guests are here, I have several appetizers I plan to make: cocktail meatballs (new recipe is courtesy of my cousin Pat!), cheeseball, veggies and chips and dip, bacon wrapped little smokies, and knishes.
Knishes are actually Jewish food, but no one will care, they're REALLY good!

Around 4 or 5ish, we will have our Christmas Dinner, buffet style. We will be eating that yummy Honey-baked spiral ham, and I'm making a roast beef too! We'll have potatoes, homemade mac-n-cheese, carrots, green bean casserole, hot rolls and butter. MMmmmm...........I can't wait!

Around 6 or 7ish, we will set up the dessert buffet, and stuff ourselves again!

I told you I would be making a ton of food. I wasn't kidding. I'll spend 2 and a half days in the kitchen, and I will love every minute of it!

Monday-  this is my personal recovery day. I know I'll be tired from the weekend of cooking and eating, this will definitely be a relax day for me!

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