Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our outdoor Christmas decorations

I love Christmas time!!

I'm so glad Tim is willing to indulge my Christmas decorating habit.

I took these pics at dusk, when it was still a bit light outside:

There is a small section of lights that aren't working above the front door. We're going to have to figure out why they aren't working,

I love the little blue tree in the yard. Tim's son Patrick gave us that 5 foot tree a few years ago. We love it, but we really don't have any room in the house for a Christmas tree.

Last year we decided to put the tree in the yard and light it all up in blue:

And the gold bells on the porch railing:

I made these fake poinsetta planters a few years ago:

And I made this wreath for the door a few years ago too. It looks all squished because it is too fat to fit between the wood door and the glass door. It gets smashed flat against the glass, and then sometimes parts of the wreath freeze to the glass.

It's time to make a smaller (thinner) wreath for the door.

Notice that the front door is painted black? More about that coming in another post soon!

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  1. I didn't know your pointsetta plants were fake...