Monday, January 9, 2012

Timmy's Birthday present

Timmy turned 45 last Friday!!

He had to work during the day but we celebrated by going out to dinner at the Olive Garden on Friday night. It was a very nice dinner.

Good food, and great company, I love a date with my Sweetheart!

On Saturday, I told Tim we were going shopping. I had told him a few days before that I was taking him to pick out his own birthday present. I gave him a $100.00 spending limit (all I could afford!) and I told him he had to pick something fun.

I gave him a few options such as an RC car, or a trip to Mickey's Surplus to pick out some goodies. I also told him he could choose anything he wanted, it didn't necessarily have to be one of my options. I was really just trying to give him ideas.

So we set out to find my Timmy a birthday present, and we ended up at a hobby store. My goodness, what a great store! It was packed to the brim with all kinds of big kid toys.......train sets, rc cars, rc planes and helicopters.....

.........we browsed around the store for quite a while, and Tim picked out this:

It's a Remote Control car (truck?)

It's an EVADER EXT2   1/10 scale 2 WD

This one actually cost more than the $100.00 limit I had given, but Tim had some other birthday money from his family so he added to what I gave him.

He's been playing with it all weekend, actually we all have been playing with it. Since we have almost a 1/2 acre backyard, there is plenty of room to play.

Here's Timmy with his new birthday toy:

Timmy picked out the black one, but the body is removable and can be custom painted however he wants it to look.

There are different parts that can be changed or modified, so Tim can "work" on it, and upgrade it.

This little car goes pretty fast, and jumps things and is really quite fun to play with.

My son Allen and I both want one now. So does Allen's g/f Shelah. And all 3 of us have birthdays coming up in the next few months!

I think it was a good 45th birthday for my Sweetie!

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