Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Living Room Progress

I'm not really sure if I would actually call this "Progress", but maybe just a living room "update".

My mom and sister just moved into a smaller place, and they were nice enough to give Tim and I the furniture that wouldn't fit into their new house.

I am working on plans to re-do the entire living room (new color scheme, etc...) but for now, we have made a few tweaks using our newly handed down furniture.

Backing up just a bit, here is what our living room looked like about a year ago:

It's a smallish room, and even smaller with so much furniture in there.

Last year, I added more pictures to our picture wall. Although I like the idea, the pictures (and that giant hutch) made our living room look way to cluttered.

I re-did the wall, and it looked a little better.

And then a few months ago, I decided that this piece was the problem. It's a nice peice of furniture, but it's way too huge for our small living room. We need furniture to sit on, not a giant hutch that takes up an entire wall.

So we said bye-bye to the giant hutch. Actually, we moved it over to Timmy's mom's house. She has a much bigger house and it just happens to go with some of her other furniture.

And we were left with this:

A lonely black file cabinet.

Next, we moved in a few things from my mom and sister.
An antique 3 drawer dresser, that my mom has had since I was a child, and an overstuffed blue chair and ottoman.

We also bought a couple of large fake plants from one of my co-workers. I need plants in my life, but our house is too dark to grow plants inside. I have been on a fake plant quest for a while now. Fake plants that look nice are expensive! These plants were between $40.00 and $80.00 new, and I got them for $15.00 each!!

I suppose I like this side of our living room better with the chair and dresser. It's definitely more functional for us.

Sadly, the blue chair doesn't match a single thing in our house.
We have decorated our house in earth tones, and the blue just doesn't work.

I threw a giant white blanket over the chair and a smaller brown blanket over the ottoman, and I don't think it helped. I wish the chair didn't take up half of the living room!

I may just invest in a chair and ottoman cover soon. Or maybe we'll get rid of the chair and try something different alltogether.

Did you notice we had to remove our coffee table to accomodate the chair and ottoman??

So, while I haven't yet decided what we are going to do with that chair, I do love the antique 3 drawer chest. It's staying.

And another thing that is staying, is this stereo my sister gave me. I haven't had an actual stereo in years, and I am really enjoying it.

I'll keep you updated on what we decide to do with the living room. I have a feeling this living room is going to get an entirely new look this winter.

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