Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July Flowers!

Our flowers are in full bloom! 

Here are some pictures of how our flowers are coming along this summer.

This is the round bed in the front yard shortly after I planted in the end of May:

And this picture was taken this morning. They have filled out quite a bit in 7 weeks. I added mulch about a month ago and it looks much better than the dirt looked.

 This is the bed in the front of the house, just after I planted them in the end of May:

And this one was taken this morning. In the last 7 weeks, I added mulch and also several new plants in this bed. I had no idea the green ones in the front would grow so tall. I grew them from seeds Tim's granny gave me and I have no idea what they are.

The red plants are Scarlet Begonias. I love to plant them every year, they remind me of my hippy days. 

A different view of the front bed, taken this morning. This bed is so big I used stepping stones so I could water and weed the plants in the back. The stepping stones were the ones we dug out of the back yard.

 Tim's granny mailed me some flower seeds in early June. We planted them right away, and they popped up in a few weeks. When they outgrew their pots, I replanted them in the beds. These are my little marigold seedlings back in June:

And this one was taken this morning. I have my first baby marigold! This little flower just bloomed in the last 2 days:

These are my Peace Lilly's back in the spring. They had a rough start this year.  I totally forgot the bulbs were in the round bed and I mowed over them earlier in the summer. I thought they were weeds. 
My poor Lilly's had to start all over again, and by the time they grew a little taller, their blooming season was almost over. 

 I did get one single Peace Lilly flower. We had some bad rains and my poor lonely Lilly didn't survive very long. At this point, I just need to cut the plants all the way down and wait till next spring to see if I have better luck with them.

Here is the same Peace Lilly in full bloom a few years ago. 

One last flower picture.......

I posted this picture last month, but I wanted to post it again because it's so awesome! 
I found this little dragonfly buzzing around my flowers last month. I have never ever seen a dragonfly up close. I have also never seen a dragonfly that wasn't near a lake or a pond. There are no lakes or ponds near our house that I know of.
It was so odd that it was even in my front yard and it stayed there while I ran inside and grabbed my camera. 

I have also noticed a lot of butterflys this summer. I'm happy to see so many this year.


  1. I really enjoy seeing you garden and flowers. I wish my thumb was as green as yours. Great Blog!!

  2. Thanks Charles, I appreciate your kind comments!