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Carnival Victory Tour

Since I haven't posted a vacation post in a day or so............I'm writing and writing as fast as I can!.........this might be a good time to post my ship pictures.

I'll be back with more of my Caribbean Vacation very soon

This is not a "complete" tour of the Carnival Victory.
These are only the areas of the ship that I visited on my cruise.


Deck 1- Riviera Deck - Passenger cabins
Deck 2 -  Main Deck - Passenger cabins

When you enter the ship, you are in the Lobby- on deck 3

The lobby bar (deck 3)

Lobby ceiling - I loved the green glass!

Glass elevators in the lobby

Entrance to the Atlantic Dining room just off the lobby area

Inside the Atlantic Dining Room

The Shore excursion desk in the lobby. This is where you book shore excursions for the islands you visit.

Guest Services desk in the lobby. This is just like the front desk at a hotel.

Seating in the lobby with the big staircase up to deck 4

At the very front of the ship on deck 3 was the Caribbean Theater. We saw all of the bigger shows here.
There are entrances to the balcony levels of the theater on decks 4 and 5

The balcony in the Caribbean Theater

Our favorite spot to sit to watch all the shows in the Caribbean Theater. Balcony level, straight back from the stage.

 Going up to Deck 4 - Atlantic Deck

Above the Lobby on Deck 4 are the Photo Shops. This is where to go to look at and buy any pictures the ship photographers take of you

The library is on deck 4. They have board games and books you can check out during your cruise.

 A statue in glass in the Library. It was about 3 feet tall. It's probably carved out of solid ivory and worth a bazillion dollars. 

Also on deck 4 was the Cigar Bar, but you can't smoke in there. It was a beautiful big room that I thought was wasted space. We never saw anyone in here.

The bar at the Cigar bar

Behind the Cigar bar was the Internet Cafe. For a fee you can use the internet

 Also on deck 4 are the stairs to enter the balcony of the Caribbean Theater

Lets go up to deck 5 - Promenade deck

 On Deck 5, above the lobby are The Fun Shops. These are the gift shops and the jewelry shops.
I didn't take any pictures in the shops. You can see them on the other side of the glass railings.

In this one, you can also see the photo shops below on deck 4

 Looking over the railing down onto the lobby bar. There was a band behind the bar every night, and sometimes during the day.

The Candy Store - called Formalities. 

Also on deck 5 is the casino

We loved the casino bar - called the Trident Bar. We would stop here for a smoke several times a day when we walked to and from our activities.

The seahorse barstools at the Trident bar

Next to the Trident Bar was a small stage. There was a band playing here every night, and most days too. 

There is a place on the Promenade deck where you can buy yummy desserts

The arcade

The Caspian Wine Bar

The Piano Bar

The Red & Black Lounge

The Arctic Nightclub

Deck 6 - The Upper Deck - Passenger Cabins
Deck 7 - The Empress Deck - Passenger Cabins
Deck 8 - The Verandah Deck - Passenger Cabins

Lets stop off at Deck 8 - Verandah Deck and take a tour of our cabins.

We'll start with inside cabin 8426 at the back of the ship.

Please excuse the "lived-in" look of the cabin. It was my kids cabin and these pics were taken on the last night of the cruise, just before they started packing to go home.
Walking in the door, there were closets on the left, and the bathroom to the right.

Walking further into the cabin, and looking toward the right

And looking to the left

My cabin was the "Premium Vista Balcony" cabin 8428. Also known as an aft-wrap. 

It's located in the back corner of the ship, shown here with the black arrow

aft-wrap 8428 is at the very end of the hallway
inside cabin 8426 is on the left side in this pic

This map might help with the placement of our cabins
The circle is around my aft-wrap cabin and the arrow is pointing to the kids inside cabin.

8428 was a fabulous cabin, with the best balcony EVER!

Looking back at the door after walking in. There were 2 closets on one side. The safe was on a shelf in the first closet.

The balcony door was behind the smaller curtain on the other side of the TV.
The door on the left was the bathroom

The bathroom

And the best part, the balcony!!

This part of the balcony was around the side of the ship.

And now up one floor to Deck 9 -The Lido Deck
(I didn't get a picture of the Lido deck sign!!)


At the back of the ship is a pool, 2 hot tubs, and plenty of places to sit or lay out

Closer view of the pool

The waterfall and statue by the back pool

The pizza place

The pool bar

The ice cream machines

Moving toward the front of the ship on deck 9
 The big buffet area. The deli and the Chinese place are along the sides of the buffet

On the other side of the buffet area

Just past these tables is another pool bar (on the left)

The pool bar

 On the other side of the pool bar is the pool

And the hot tubs

The big screen TV

Opposite the big screen TV is tiered seating with lounge chairs

Looking at the big screen from the tiered seating

Above the Lido Deck, and behind the big screen is the jogging track

 Around the back side of the jogging track. It's very windy up here when the ship is sailing

 Getting closer to the whale tail

One floor above the jogging track is the mini golf course. It was very windy up here too

Mini golf at the base of the whale tail

Looking up at the whale tail. The big one is the real thing. The small one is a feature of the mini golf course

 Looking over the rail from the mini golf course

Next we'll go over near the top of the waterslide - Serenity deck

The view from the other side

Behind the waterslide entrance is the Adults only Serenity deck

Inside the serenity deck are these cool showers. You can try them all

Places to hang out on Serenity Deck

Looking down at the hot tubs on the lower level of Serenity Deck

Toward the front of the ship is the workout facility

and the spa

And that's the end of my tour of the Carnival Victory!

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