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Carnival Magic Cruise - DAY 5 - Tuesday, Dec 2, 2014 - Seaday 2

 You can find the beginning of this review here, DAY 1


My roommate and I both happened to wake up at 7:00AM. I guess 6 hours of sleep was all my body felt like it needed.

When we got up and around we decided to go down and have buffet breakfast  again.

I didn't take any pics in the buffet area for some reason, but here are a couple of google images:

We had a long leisurely breakfast that morning and then we walked around, mostly on deck 5, and explored and took pictures. There is a lot going on on deck 5.

We stopped in at the casino:

We peeked into the nightclub,

and the piano bar:

Still on deck 5, we walked outside and looked at the hot tubs. there were people in there or I would have walked up and got a better pic:

next to the hot tub is an outdoor Lanai area where you can relax or grab a bite to eat at the Oceanside Barbeque during sea day lunch:

The food they were preparing looked very good! I would have had a bit of something but we had just finished breakfast and I was stuffed

While I was outside, I took a quick walk around to the back of the ship:

It was misting outside but not enough to get me (or my camera) wet while we were out there. 
I love watching the wake from the back of the ship:

Back inside, but still on deck 5 there is a small stage where they have different games and activities during the day, and entertainment at night:

We walked past The Taste Bar, where they had more food:

We stopped in The Red Frog Pub:

We went into the Steakhouse and checked on our reservation for that night:

Before we left the 5th floor, we went into the Carnival gift shop (again):

And finally, we couldn't resist stopping in the candy store:

Our exploring of the Promenade Deck took about an hour. By the time we were done, I decided I needed some spa time and my roommate decided she needed some time out in the sun.

It had been misty and cloudy outside earlier but the sun did come out that day for a few hours.

We went back up to our cabin and changed and I headed for the spa.

I spent more than an hour at the spa. I relaxed in the thermal beds in the red and green rooms, I sat in the thallasotherapy pool, and then I took a shower in the women's locker room.

Ahhhhh! That was so nice. I was really happy that we had booked a spa cabin for this cruise.

Back in the cabin, I took some time to straighten up the cabin and fold some of my clothes.

I ordered a BLT from room service. The BLT's were so good, they had a ton of bacon on them and just the right amount of lettuce and tomato to not be dry.

My roommate came back from suntanning. We were out in the hallway looking for Ricardo for something and she happened to walk down this hallway that led toward the very front of the ship:

 OH!!! She found one of the secret decks! These decks aren't really a "secret", but most people don't know they are there.
I didn't know there would be a secret deck on our floor! This was going to be a convenient place to take pics as we arrived at the islands in the next few days.

The view from secret deck 11:

We spent some time on the secret deck that afternoon, and finally we needed to go back to the cabin to start getting ready for our Steakhouse dinner.

The dinner in the Steakhouse does have an upcharge of $35.00 per person plus tip.

On my past Carnival cruises, I had never been on a ship with a steakhouse. Since I had heard really good reviews about the ship steakhouses, I really wanted to try it.

My roommate also wanted to go to the Steakhouse. I was glad she did, because I wouldn't have wanted to go alone.

I had the $100.00 onboard credit, which was one of my perks from when I booked the cruise. I gave my roommate $50.00 to cover her steakhouse meal and her tip.

We got dressed up and went down to the 5th deck to have our steak dinner.

OH BOY! That dinner was just as good as the reviews said! It was excellent from start to finish.

It was one of the best steak dinners I have ever had and was worth every penny of the upcharge and tip.
We were so stuffed after we ate that we had no room left for dessert.
Our server suggested we take a piece of cheesecake back to our cabin to eat later.

The piece of cheesecake they sent us back with was HUGE! It was almost like we had an entire cake!

I must admit that I never did try the cheesecake so I can't comment on if it was good or not. It sure looked good though and I wished I had at least tried a bite.

After our dinner, we walked around and stopped to listen to some of the music coming from the small stage on the Promenade deck. They were having Motown hour. The show was fun and the Carnival Magic band was really good!

We made our way back to our cabin sometime after 9:00PM.
We found Ricardo had left us this cute little frog towel animal:

This was when the major trouble began between my roommate and I.

We were to arrive in Roatan Honduras the next day and I asked my roommate what time she wanted me to set the alarm for.

Just an innocent question and she just about bit my head off with her reply. I ignored her, although I remember being surprised by her reaction.
After a few minutes, it was clear to me that she was in a terrible mood, I had no idea what had come over her but I thought this would be a good time for me to find something else to do and let her cool off by herself.  I left the cabin and went out to the smoking area for awhile.

They were clearing the lounge chairs away from the pool deck area and they were just going to have the Caribbean Beach party! Good, I was in the mood to sit out there on deck and watch the festivities.

Just as the party was starting it started raining. They waited a few minutes for it to stop, but eventually the DJ made an announcement that they were moving the Beach party to the Vibe Nightclub on deck 5.

Darn! I didn't feel like following the party to the nightclub, so I stayed out in the smoking area (tucked under the overhang so I stayed out of the rain) and chatted with some new friends I met out there.

I actually had a nice time sitting out there.
I loved the way the lido deck looked when I was all lit up at night.
This area by the pool looked like a good place to sit and hang out by the pool on a hot day.

This was the night I met my new friends Phyllis and Myron from Ft Worth. They were both really nice and Phyllis and I hit it off right from the beginning. We both had so much in common and we talked and talked for several hours that night.

Here is a pic of my friends Phyllis and Myron:

When I went back to the cabin it was pretty late and my roommate was already asleep. I didn't turn on the lights so I wouldn't wake her (It was really late, maybe 1:00AM).  I got ready for bed and slipped into bed quietly.

Two sea days down, and tomorrow we would arrive at our first island, Roatan Honduras. I was excited that I would be in Central America for the first time in my life.

I was also really tired that night, and still stuffed from the steakhouse dinner. I fell asleep quickly.

DAY 6 is HERE!

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