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Carnival Magic Cruise - DAY 9 - Saturday, Dec 6th, 2014 - Seaday 3

You can find the beginning of this review here, DAY 1

Reading through the last 2 days of this trip was a little depressing! Sorry if I made it sound like I was so sad. It really wasn't all that bad. 

To help cheer us all up, I want to tell a funny story that happened to me on this cruise. I'm not sure why I left this out of the review, and it's too late to add it in onto the day it happened, but Phyllis is urging me to tell the story, so here goes:

Remember when I mentioned that a woman had spent some time with my roommate and I on the 2nd night of the cruise? She went with us to the Piano Bar and then to the Club. 

The woman's name was Betty.

The part I left out was that at some point that night my roommate, Betty and I ended up browsing around in the gift shop. While we were there, I showed Betty a rack of jewelry that had some really good sale stuff on it. Most of the rings were $10 or less. 
Betty and I looked on the rack and we each picked out a ring we wanted to buy. 

We went to the register and I signed for my ring using my Sail & Sign card. 

When it was Betty's turn to pay for her ring, she reached into her pocket to get cash. The cashier told her she couldn't use cash on the ship, she has to use her Sail & Sign card. 
Betty said she hadn't gotten paid yet, and hadn't put any money on her S&S card. She said her payday was "tomorrow".
She told the cashier, she didn't want the ring, and she would come back the next day. 

The cashier told her the 10% off sale wasn't going to be happening the next day, so her ring would cost more. 

Then the cashier had the bright idea to point to ME and suggest that I pay for the ring, and Betty can give me cash. 

Sounded like a great idea, and we all agreed.  I signed the receipt agreeing to pay $8.85 on my Sail & Sign card for her ring.

It actually would have worked out fine, but Betty never gave me cash that night. As we walked away from the register, she asked if she could catch up with me the next day, after she got paid. 

Yep, you guessed it! Betty never caught up with me. Actually, she avoided me for the rest of the cruise. 

It was a funny story when I told it to my friends out in the smoking area. We were all on the lookout for Betty for the rest of the cruise, and we had more than a few laughs over the whole thing during the rest of the cruise. 

Sure I would have liked to have my $8.85 back, but it wasn't enough money to get me upset. 
I was glad the total hadn't been more!!! 

I think Betty got her karma back though, that ship is actually pretty small when you are trying to avoid someone. She couldn't even go to the 11th floor smoking area, for the rest of the cruise because I was constantly out there. Poor Betty had to find somewhere else to smoke. 

Leave it to me to buy a ring for a woman I don't even know!!!!!

And now, back to the last day of the cruise:


I was up at 6:00AM. I had hoped I would sleep in a little later since it was a sea day, but I couldn't get get back to sleep.
I slipped out of the cabin quietly and went out to see what the morning looked like. 

I ended up sitting out on deck 11 for quite a while that morning. 
My roommate had come in really late and I wanted to let her sleep. 

I saw Phyllis and we went to get some breakfast at the buffet together. I liked having someone to eat with. Thank you SO MUCH Phyllis and Myron for being such awesome people! I had a really good time with you guys and I am so glad I met you. Thank you for letting me hang out with you, I hope we can cruise together again someday! 

After Phyllis and I ate breakfast, I walked around the ship a little bit and took some pictures. 
After about an hour of taking pictures, I realized that the last 250 or so pictures were gone. They were just gone. Each one had an ERROR! message instead of the picture. 

I had been checking every 20 pictures or so to make sure my pictures were there on my camera. I don't know exactly when my pictures disappeared, but when I went to show Phyllis  some of my pics I had taken of the ship, they were gone. 

OH!.........................I was sooooooooooo sad.....................

I could walk around and replace the pics of the ship (although I didn't want to)
but I couldn't ever replace the pics of Cozumel or the Mexican party from the day before. 

I was really really sad..........................

I went back to my cabin to start packing my suitcases and sulk about my lost pictures. 

My roommate wasn't there.

I ordered a room service sandwich so I could eat while I packed. 

While I was packing (and eating), I made my plan for the rest of my seaday. Since it seemed likely that I was going to be spending my day alone, I wanted a plan. 

It was around 2:00 when I finished packing and I still hadn't seen my roommate. 

I decided that I would spend a few hours walking around the ship to re take all of the pictures I had lost. I wasn't happy about doing that, but I had plenty of time on my hands, so I might as well spend the time re taking them. (Later, I was very glad I spent the time retaking the ship pictures)

After ship pictures, I would get some dinner, most likely at the buffet and take it back to the cabin to eat. 

After dinner, I wanted to go to the spa one last time. 

And that's pretty much how my day went. I ran into Phyllis and Myron, and Jen and Bobby several times throughout the day. There was an older couple that I had become friendly with in the past week, and I sat outside and talked to them for a while that day. 

I went to the kiosk on Deck 3 and got a printout of my Sail & Sign card. I could see my account on the TV anytime I wanted to, but I wanted a hard copy to take home with me in case I wanted to review it later.

I stayed at the spa that night until they closed at 10:00PM. The ladies at the front desk had told me it would be empty on the last night after 8:30 or so, and they were right.

I had the place almost to myself that last night and I stayed in the green and red rooms for an extra long time. 

I stayed in the Thalassotherapy pool for an extra long time too. I was actually sad that my cruise would be over in the morning. I really loved this ship, and this spa!!

On the other hand, this wasn't really the cruise I had been expecting and I was ready to get home to the comfort of my family. 

I made sure to leave myself enough time to take one last long hot shower in the women's locker room before the spa closed for the night. 

I felt so refreshed when I left the spa that night.

Back in the cabin, I made sure I put my luggage out in the hallway so they could pick it up and take it off the ship for me in the morning. 

My roommate was in the cabin packing her suitcases. 

I went out to the smoking area for one last time that night. Everyone was out there, it was like a big party! I was having so much fun, I ended up staying out there longer than I had planned. I really liked these new friends! They were all a lot of fun to be around. 

Here are some pics from that night:
Jen and Bobby

Jen took this blurry one of Bobby and I:

And then Bobby took these blurry ones of Jen and I:

Jen was definitely the life of the party that night:

Phyllis with Myron behind her:

The 3 of us gals:

I really miss those girls!!

Later that night, this was my view as we sat and watched some of the movie on the big screen with Phyllis and Myron:

I stayed out there until about midnight and I just had to go to bed. I knew I had a very long drive ahead of me the next day. This was one night when I really needed my sleep.

I said good night to everyone. I knew I would see them all in the morning.

Back in the cabin, my roommate was getting ready for bed.
We ordered room service and sat up watching TV for awhile.

Jen knocked on the door, and before we knew it, we were having a pajama party in our cabin!
Jen was a lot of fun, she had my roommate and I cracking up that night.
Bobby came to the cabin looking for Jen and the 4 of us sat there in the cabin talking for quite a while.

Jen and I decided to venture out and go to the secret deck. To my surprise, my roommate decided to join us. All of us were in our pajamas, out on the front deck, and boy was it dark and windy out there.

We could see the lights of Galveston way off in the distance in front of us, and we were heading right for it.
There were A LOT of ships and boats out there with us. We could see at least 10 or so just from where we stood. The other ships and boats were beautiful when they were all lit up in the night.

We stayed out on the secret deck for a good 20-30 minutes, and I was FREEZING with the wind blowing so strong on that deck. I hated to be the party pooper, but I had to drive the next day.

I said goodnight, but they both followed me back in.

I have no idea what time I went to bed that night. It was late.

DAY 10 is HERE!!

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