Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A tour of our Maryland apartment

We all just love our cute little apartment in Maryland! (HERE is my post about our move)
Lets take a tour of the new apartment! (well, its new to me, Tim has been living here since last July)

I'll start with the floor plan, so you can see how the rooms are laid out.

Here is our living room, We have 9 ft ceilings and the walls are bare so it looks a little empty in here.
We need some side tables, lamps, and artwork.

The living room opens up into the kitchen. I love the floor plan and the way the kitchen seems to be part of the living room.
With the kitchen sink being in the middle of the apartment, you can see it from every room, so I really have to keep the dishes done or it looks messy.

The little door by the fridge goes to the laundry room.

Here is the laundry room. Its very convenient.

Standing at the sink looking into the living room.

Standing at the sink looking into the dining room. 
The dining room is now my office and craft room. 

Standing on the other side of the sink looking into the dining room:

I am using the dining room table as a temporary desk

The other side of the room has a table for sewing

And an area for my beading and jewelry making

 Speaking of jewelry making, here is a necklace I am working on:

And these are a pair of earrings I bought in Grand Turk on my last cruise. I plan to re-make these into 2 necklaces.

Ok back to the tour.
There is a little hallway next to the livingroom.
The 2 doors on the right are a bathroom, and a linen closet.
The door straight back is Cody's bedroom:

 On the other side of the living room is the master bedroom.
I'm using empty crates for a temporary night stand.
In front of the crates is Mya's bed. She doesn't usually like to sleep on the bed with us, she likes to sleep beside my bed at night. If the dog bed wasn't there, she would sleep right there on the floor. I have tried moving her dog bed to a more convenient place (like beside the night stand) but she would still sleep on the floor right beside my bed. So for Mya's comfort, the dog bed stays beside my bed.

The black cube is so Peanut Butter can get up onto the high bed. It's a pretty big jump for the little dog.

There is a little alcove in the bedroom that is perfect for Timmy's desk.

The door on the far left is the door into the living room.
The closed door is the walk in closet
The open door on the right is the bathroom.

It took me about an hour to untangle my necklaces when I unpacked them.

The picture hanging above my necklaces I bought in Puerto Rico on my last cruise. It's one of my favorite things.
The blue picture by the bathroom was hand painted. I bought that one from a lady on the sidewalk in Nassau. Another one of my favorite things. They both need frames.

I can't believe I have a master bathroom! As many times as I have moved in my life, I have only had a master bathroom one other time. That was about 27 years ago! 
I am loving having a big bathroom with room to put all my stuff out.

I can't wait to take a bath in this huge tub!! I haven't yet, I have only been here a week and a half.
I do need a new shower curtain. This one was .99 cents and it works for now.

The big glass jar was a thrift store find last weekend. It was only $8.00 and it holds all my pretty soaps.

The garage.
Its really nice to have a garage attached to our apartment. 
When I take the dogs out, we usually go through the garage. It's much easier than taking them through the front hallway.

In front of our garage, we have a designated parking space.
This has been so convenient when we have groceries or stuff to unload to take into the apartment.

Standing on the sidewalk in front of our garage.
I have also used the patio door to take the dogs out.

To the right of our garage is a walking path that winds through the buildings.
The dogs love the paths. I knew they would. So many things to smell and explore.
We haven't gone too far, because its cold out there. I can't wait till spring so we can take longer walks.
I have taken the dogs on a midnight walk a few times, and its so peaceful.

Back in the garage, here is my stash of poo bags.
I'm now a poo-picker-upper.
UGH - that part is not fun, but I have to do it!
The apartments are very dog friendly. They have little stations all over with extra poo bags and little trash cans so I don't have to carry the poo around for the entire walk.
  Thats the end of my little apartment tour!!!

Stay tuned for our Maryland adventures............

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