Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bathroom Wish List

Our house only has one bathroom, and that is unfortunate. I really wish we had two. I like the privacy that a master bathroom gives. I have no problem sharing a bathroom with my husband, but we also share this one bathroom with my 23 year old son. And this is the same bathroom our guests use when they come over.

My long term wish list for this house is to add a huge master bedroom and a huge master bathroom. While we're at it, I would also really love a big walk-in closet, and a family room. Oh yeah, and Timmy needs a gigantic garage since our garage is too tiny to even fit one car inside.

So before we get into huge renovations like garages and master bedrooms, Tim and I may decide to move into a house that already possesses these things. We will make our decision whether to move or not in the next year or so, but until then we want to continue to re-do all of the rooms in this house.

We already posted about our kitchen wish list and our livingroom wish list. This post is about our wish list for the only bathroom in our house.

Here is what the bathroom looked like on the day we moved into the house in November 2008:

And this is what it looked like several months after we had been living here:

Nothing spectacular. As a matter of fact, it was downright ugly! I hated the sponged on blue paint blobs on the tiles.

We have BIG plans to gut this whole bathroom and start over, but we also know that kind of re-do isn't going to happen right away. We will have to save a few thousand dollars for a big remodel like this bathroom needs. Tim actually thinks it will cost close to 5K to do what we want to do in here.

We put up with the bathroom looking like this for about a year and we finally got tired of it looking so plain and ugly and sad. About 2 years ago we decided a mini-bathroom-makeover would be a good idea.

Here is what our bathroom looks like after our mini-makeover:

Much better! But still this is a very ugly room with that huge gawky sink and those klunky drawers and cabinets.

So, our big plans for the bathroom is to turn it into a spa bathroom. This will include ripping EVERYTHING out of there and building a stand-up shower (no tub) on the back wall with the window. The window will stay, it will just be inside the shower. The stand up shower would be the same size as a tub would be, and I see it looking something like this:

The sink will be relocated to the opposite wall that it's on now, and we will probably remove those bulky tall cabinets and drawers.
Here are a few inspiration pics I am looking at for sinks, and for the general feel of the room:

I'm sure you get the idea, and yeah, we will have to save up for that. Since it's our only bathroom, there won't be time for uh-oh's in the middle of the job. We will want to plan that job out and make sure we have our ducks in a row before we start ripping stuff out. I will most likely need to stay at a nearby hotel during that job. I couldn't go ONE day without a bathroom, and this re-do will take several days to a week at least.

So the bathroom will continue to look like this for a while longer:

And I'm dreaming of my spa bathroom every time I go in there. I'll keep you posted when the big bathroom renovation begins.

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