Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Porch wish list

Our screened-in porch is one of my favorite places in the house.

It's a peaceful place to sit, and I love spending time out here.

Of course I have a wish list for this area and we may be able to begin redoing it this spring. We have big plans to paint the outside of the house in the spring and add a large patio in the back. The porch makeover will most likely be included in the outside makeover.

Here are a couple of ideas I have for the furniture I want for the screened-in porch. I love the rustic look of this porch, and that couch with all those pillows looks so comfortable. I could take a nap there!

In this next picture, I love the basket table, the rocker, and all of those pillows.

I would love to add a wall mural to the one solid wall the porch has. This garden scene looks so relaxing and peaceful, but it might be a bit too busy for a mural on our smallish porch:

This picket fence and flowers wall mural might work. It's adorable!

I also love this one with the fairies:

Here are a few more wall murals I like for the porch:

And for the porch floor, I am considering using a large floor stencil and painting the floor. I have a rug out there now, but a painted floor would be so cute (and easy to care for). Here are a few ideas I'm looking at for porch floor stencils:

I realize those first two pictures of floor stencils are mainly black, but I will probably choose to go with a much lighter color (or colors). I most likely won't carry the "black" theme out into the porch, there is plenty of black paint in the inside of the house already. See our mostly black kitchen and the black trim in the livingroom, and I think there is plenty of black going on over here already. I want the porch to be light and airy.

So far, those are my ideas for our porch makeover. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will be able to begin this project in late March 2012. That's only 5 months away!

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