Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DIY these awesome apothecary jars

These type of apothecary jars are very popular in the decorating world right now.

The problem is that they are SOOOO expensive! I found a couple for sale at Crate & Barrel like this one:

It's price is $62.95 

or this one, which is a little less expensive at $39.95:

I sure don't have an extra $100.00 laying around for 2 glass jars, even though they look really cool.

So I found a solution on the internet to make my own!

Tim and I spent most of last weekend going to garage sales and thrift stores. We  found plenty of very cool things, and we also picked up some glassware so I could try to make my own apothecary jars.

We bought a nice looking glass candlestick:

And a nice looking glass jar with a lid:

We paid under $2.00 for both the candlestick and the jar.

And when we got home I glued them together to make these:

It worked! And they look just as good as those expensive jars in the stores, but nowhere near the price!

I made the two taller apothecary jars, but the cut-crystal pumpkin was one of my garage sale finds (for only $1.00). I filled them all with Halloween candy since it's beginning to feel like fall around here already anyway.

Hint: Don't use superglue, try one of the glues specially made for glass. You can find glass glue at any hobby store.

Next weekend Tim and I will be on the hunt for more jars and candlesticks, I think these would make great gifts.

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