Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY Bookshelves

Making bookshelves is super easy, but only if you have a handy man for a husband.

I'm so lucky to have Tim here to make them for me!

I've been in need of a bookshelf for awhile now. I've been keeping my books in one of the cabinets of our hutch in the livingroom for about 3 years now. My book collection is growing, and I needed a better way to access them, so I asked Tim to build me some shelves.

Our house is FULL, and every available space in every room is taken.

But, I found a perfect place for the shelves, a small unused wall in our bedroom by the door.

Timmy took measurements and went to work on my new shelves.

First, we went to Lowe's to get wood.

Since the garage is full of motorcycles, lawnmowers and tools, Tim set up shop in our driveway

Within a short time, I could see progress

And finally, the finished bookshelves!

Since the space is so small, I had a hard time getting good pictures

Perfect fit!! And a great way to use up the space beside our bedroom door.

Don't look at this room! Yes, thats hunter green paint on the walls, left over from the previous owners. We've been overhauling the rest of the house, and saving the bedroom re-do's for last since we are really the only ones to see the bedrooms.

I can't wait to re-do this room (and yes, I'll post about it!). We're waiting for our last little bird to leave the nest so Tim and I can move into the 2nd bedroom while we renovate this one. We need to replace some drywall and then paint and decorate. We have a whole bunch of great ideas and we can't wait to get started!

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