Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall and Halloween at our house

Fall is already here, and Halloween is just around the corner.

Here is what fall looks like at our house this year:

Outside, we filled cute orange trash bags that look like pumpkins.

Jack is posing on the front steps with the flowerpot that has a pumpkin decoration. I can't believe we still have flowers blooming this late in October.

A wreath made of plastic leaves and tiny pumpkins hangs on our front door. Do I really spend hours and hours raking the leaves from the front yard and then hang fake ones on the front door??

Come on inside, let's see whats going on in the livingroom:

Our coffee table is ready for fall

I don't love these glass candleholders, because they don't go with our livingroom. Next year I will look for some wooden ones.

I really love this ceramic pumpkin. I found it at a garage sale about a month ago for only $1.00

Across the room on the hutch, we have a cute little Halloween display.

The picture is just something I printed from the internet and stuck in a frame I painted orange.

I made the Apothecary jars myself from candleholders and jars with lids that I found at garage sales. Here is my post about how I made them. This month they are filled with candy corn and candy pumpkins, but by Christmas time, they will be filled with green and red goodies.

The yellow glass pumpkin and the cut crystal pumpkin were both garage sale finds.

I posted a tutorial here about how I made the taper candles look like they have blood dripping from them.

Over by the TV, I put a few things on this shelf:

I painted the small pumpkin black with craft paint.

The haunted house picture is another free online printable I put in a black frame.

The teddy bear witch came from Joanne Craft and Fabric store.

We also have a basket of plastic pumpkins and gourds:

And here is Jack again, this time he is showing off our plastic leaf garland. This leaf garland moves around the room almost daily. Some days I'll put it it on the hutch, and other days it's hanging from the curtain rod.

So thats our fall house decoration tour. Some of the more Halloweenish decorations will come down after Halloween but the fall stuff will stay up through Thanksgiving.

I'm really ready to get the Christmas decorations out on Thanksgiving weekend.

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