Thursday, October 6, 2011

DIY Cakeplate

Last weekend when Tim and I were out garage sailing, I was keeping my eye out for a large plate and some sort of candle holder or pedestal so I could make my own cakeplate.

I have seen them around on the internet and on several other DIY blogs

When finished, I wanted my cakeplate to look something like this:

Or this:

But while we were out looking, I didn't see any good plates or pedestal type things that would work.

Then, later when we saw Tim's Mom, I was telling her that although we had found plenty of other good garage sale finds that day, I hadn't found anything I liked that would work to make a tall cakeplate.

My MIL knew exactly what I was trying to describe, and in a few minutes she produced a gigantic plate and a really nice vase that matched the plate and could be inverted to make a cakeplate. SWEET!!!

She sent us home armed with everything I needed, and I got right to work.

This plate is HUGE! It measures 14 inches across!

The plate is not yellow, it's white. (My pictures turn out yellow because I have no idea how to not make them yellow. Some day I will take a photography class)

Here is the cute vase my MIL gave me to use for the stand of the cakeplate.

Again, it's not supposed to be yellow, it's actually white.

So here is my new HUGE cakeplate!

Love it!!

Shown here with a bowl of juicy tomatoes fresh from MIL's garden, and fresh hot peppers from a friend's garden.

And shown here with a display of yummy cupcakes that my son #3 brought home with him tonight. Mmmm. I ate the orange one.

Awesome cakeplate! Thanks MIL!

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