Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

My husband Tim is THE BEST garage sale finder I have ever met. He is equally good at spotting the really good deals while we poke around the sale items. I let him know if I am looking for something in particular, because he almost always is able to find what I am looking for.

These are a few of my most recent garage sale finds:

My favorite find in the last few weeks is this adorable perfume bottle with a dipper top.
It was only $2.50 - what a deal!!

Another good find was this stacking set of 3 bowls with a lid. It was new in the box for $2.00. I have plans to keep this full of goodies for each season/holiday. This month I filled it with Halloween candy, and I am most excited for it to be filled with Christmas goodies very soon.

Forgive the bad pics.....I'm not good at photography or lighting yet!

The top bowl has candy corn, the middle bowl has candy corn pumpkins, and the bottom bowl has yellow and orange skittles. As you can see in the picture below, I used an inverted glass votive candle holder in the middle of the bowl with the skittles. It makes it look like there are more skittles in there than there actually are.

Here is my stacking bowl set in action on our kitchen table (on the right side);

Next, I found this organization tray for $1.00, which has found a home in my top dresser drawer for all of my hair-ties, barrettes and clips. I love love love organization!

At one garage sale, I found this very old meat serving tray for $3.00. It is well used and although I really don't need a meat serving tray, I wanted it because it looked very old. This tray has served A LOT of dinners in it's lifetime, I looked it up online and found it to be made in 1900-1910. One hundred years of family dinners and holiday parties!

Most likely, Tim and I will find a place to display this tray. I really don't plan to use it.

Another great kitchen find was this serving basket for a pyrex casserole dish that I found for $1.00. It fits a 9 X 13 dish which I happen to already have. It has leather handles and a cork bottom. This will get a lot of use in my kitchen as I use my casserole dish all the time.

I found this stool for $5.00 last weekend. It has a top that opens for storage and also doubles as a handy little serving tray. I have big plans to recover this VERY SOON with material that matches the decor in our house (no, it won't be black!).

And last but not least, I found the things I needed to make some awesome apothecary jars while we were out thrifting, as seen in this post.

Here are 2 of my completed jars on display in my livingroom with a cute cut crystal pumpkin:

I also found a lot of Halloween and Christmas thrifty finds, which I will show in another post.

This fall weather is so nice, I am excited to get out there again and look for more garage sale finds before winter gets here and keeps me inside.

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