Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY spooky Halloween candles

I saw a post here about how to DIY some spooky Halloween candles to make them look like they had blood dripping down them.

Of course I wanted to see if they were as easy to make as they looked.

I started with 2 white taper candles and a red one to use to make the "blood" drips.

I also found 2 small black glass votive candleholders.

I squished tin foil around the base of the white candle to hold it upright. I wasn't sure how messy this project would get and I didn't want to get melted wax on the glass votive cups.

I lit the red candle and held it over the white one. As the red wax melted it dripped down the white candle and it really does look like blood drips.

This was a very easy DIY project.
Here are my finished spooky blood drippy candles:

Cost for this DIY project:

3 small taper candles @ .79 cents each
2 black glass votive cups @ .99 cents each

= $4.35 + tax

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