Sunday, October 2, 2011

Little bitty oasis


1. A fertile spot in a desert where water is found.
2. A pleasant or peaceful area or period in the midst of a difficult, troubled, or hectic place or situation.

I'll go with definition number two. Although things around here are certainly not difficult or troubled, I might agree with hectic at times.

I took some time this morning to clean off my screened-in porch and rearrange the furniture a little bit.

I am so loving my porch this weekend

Every piece of furniture on the porch was given to us or bought at a garage sale. Tim's son Patrick gave us the big square glass table and the aqua colored chairs three years ago when we moved in here.

 I bought the small round glass table at a garage sale for $1.00.

The little plastic shelves up on the table were given to me by a friend. The long black table on the right was also given to us by a friend, (it was our first livingroom coffee table)

I made the macrame hangers a few years ago so I could hang my plants.

I also added blue lights (christmas light strands) along the top of the porch. I found the lights at a garage sale for $2.00.  I had been looking for lights for the porch for a while now. Tim put the lights on a timer so I don't have to plug/unplug them.

The blue lights look good from the street, not bright at all, and not Christmassy.

Although this picture doesn't convey the soft blue glow that the lights give off, here is a pic of the porch at night with the blue lights on.

For a thrown-together area, it sure is nice to sit out there. Especially when the weather is nice like it has been lately.

As much as I love the way it looks now, we are making plans to give this porch a makeover, see my porch wish list post here.

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