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Tim & Andrea's honeymoon cruise - Day 7

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All caught up? Great, we're ready to continue on with Day 7 of our awesome honeymoon cruise:


Tim and I woke up at 7:00. Well, we were getting a little better at sleeping in! At least it wasn't 5:30!! It was a beautiful morning out on the ocean. The sun was bright, the sky was blue, and there were white puffy clouds! Today was going to be a sea day!!

Tim and I lazed around in our cabin, and eventually took showers and got dressed. This was a nice start to our sea day, we had nothing planned and we were happy about that.

On this lazy morning, we decided to go to the MDR (main dining room), and have our breakfast served to us. When we got to the MDR, we asked the hostess if Achmed was there that morning. He was there, and we were quickly seated in his section. He was so happy to see us at breakfast for the first time! Plenty of high-fives and smiles going around.

Soon after we were seated, 3 other couples were also seated at our table. Oh! I forgot that we would be seated with others. I was hoping to have a nice quiet breakfast with my Sweetie, but OK, no big deal, we're friendly! 

I said "Good Morning!" to each couple as they sat down. I also said "Happy Mother's Day!" to each of the ladies. After we all ordered, there was absolutely no conversation at the table. I started by asking each couple where they were from? had they cruised before? excited about Jamaica tomorrow!? And soon enough there was awkward strained conversation at the table. It was a little weird.

The couple across from Tim and I were from Ireland. I loved their accents, but they NEVER smiled. Not once during the whole breakfast. The couple to our right were from Florida. They were closer in age to Tim and I and conversation with them went OK. Much better than with the other two couples.

The third couple, on our right, was from Canada. Again, strained conversation. At one point, I had said that Tim and I were on our honeymoon, and the Canada lady asked me "Oh! Is that why you are so bubbly and happy??" I answered "Yes!" But I thought, NO, this is pretty much how I always am!

Maybe I was too happy for these people?? And really, I wasn’t being over-the-top annoyingly happy. I was just being my normal self. 

Breakfast was served, and it was good. Everyone was quiet while we ate. Tim and I were done eating first, because Achmed had served us first, and we both looked at each other and we knew we were both thinking the same thing. LETS GET OUT OF HERE!!!

We said goodbye to the 3 somber couples, and we said goodbye to Achmed and told him we would see him at dinner tonight at 6:00. We practically ran out of the dining room and we both heaved a sigh of relief as soon as we were out of the doors! That was one ROUGH breakfast!!

We appreciated our perfect little booth for two so much more after that strained breakfast. Tim and I are sooooo easygoing, we feel we are friendly.......we have always made friends easily (example: Norma, Brian, Sandra, Hameed) and we have NO IDEA what the deal was with the 3 couples at our breakfast table.
OK, nevermind the 3 couples...........they can have a somber cruise if they want to, but I'm having fun!

Tim and I had decided we wanted to book the TRANOPY ADVENTURE on MYSTIC MOUNTAIN for Jamaica for the next day. We went to the Excursion kiosk in the lobby, and we had two tickets printed. The cost was $120.00 each, and it was charged to our S & S account.

We wanted to spend our morning on the lido deck, with all of the people and the noise, and the music. We went up there, and it was in full swing! People everywhere, and we grabbed the first open table we found. As the morning went on, we hopped over a few tables when a better one opened up. I wanted to be in the sun, but I had no luck. We had a table in the shade, but we had a table!

We sat at our table and people watched, and listened to the band play reggae music. Achmed (our awesome MDR server) was there, helping to get the lunch buffet opened, and he spotted us and came over and talked with us for awhile. We also saw Norma and Brian a few times, they had scored to lounge chairs in the sun on the upper deck overlooking all of the action.

The highlight of people watching that morning was this family, who all came to the pool that morning with their white bathrobes on. It was a HUGE family and every single one of them had a white Carnival robe on. Very noticeable, and this family was all over the lido deck with the robes on. They were a very happy family, and they were having a great time!

Of course I took pics of them! Here are several people from the robe family hanging around the hot tub:

One of the men with the robe family liked to wear his dress socks in the hot tub. (see him above?)  Then he wore his socks soaking wet all over the lido deck, wet footprints left behind him. It was great to watch all this unfold. Great people-watching material.

At noon, the lunch buffet opened up. Tim stayed at our table while I got in line. I got a cheeseburger and french fries.

When I got back with my food, Tim went to the deli and got a sandwich.

I was pretty hungry and I actually thought my meal was quite good.

After we ate, we went back up to our cabin and we both took a 2 hour nap. It sure was a nice lazy day!
We woke up in the late afternoon, and walked up to deck 10, then went to the other side of the ship to take pictures of Cuba. We were 13 miles away from the island.

Soon it was time to get ready for the second formal night we would have on our cruise.

At 5:20, we went down to deck 3 for picture taking. We stopped at all of the backgrounds and posed for 2-3 pictures at each background. I was hoping for ONE good picture, and we wouldn’t be able to see any of them until tomorrow night.

We went to the MDR (Main Dining Room) at 6:00, and had a wonderful dinner. For dessert, the waiters brought out little cakes for all of the ladies.

 The waiters also brought us each a pink carnation!!

I must have been mid-blink when Tim snapped this picture

I was so impressed! Tim and I shared my little cake, and I took my carnation back to our cabin with us.
Our cabin was freshened up and the bed turned down while we were at dinner. Another towel animal!

I put the carnation in a tall glass full of water, and it stayed perfect and in full bloom for the rest of the cruise!

I do love carnations. They last much longer than roses, and often smell prettier too. 

We changed out of our dressy clothes, and into something more comfortable to go "out" for the evening.

At 9:45, Tim and I went down to the Comedy club to see Steve White’s adult only show. We found seats, and I ordered a coke with ice. I noticed some young children in the club, and I wondered why their parents had brought them to an adults only show. I was a little worried about what these children would hear. It turned out, I didn’t need to worry. The assistant cruise director, Brandon, made sure all of the children were out of the club before the show started.

Norma and Brian came in and sat down by us. It was so nice to have made friends on the ship, and we seemed to run into them often!

I think the show started at 10:15

The show was hilarious!! Tim and I laughed through the whole thing. Steve White is a very funny man!
After the show we said goodnight to Norma and Brian, and went back to our cabin.

It was a second late night for Tim and I, and we were both very excited to be going to Jamaica tomorrow! Jamaica is one of the places I have ALWAYS wanted to go to. It has been at the top of my list for more than 20 years. I was SO happy I was going tomorrow!

We filled out our room service breakfast card and hung it outside on the door, and we were both asleep by 11:30.


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