Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day 2011 at the Bruns house

Sorry this post is coming so late after Christmas, but I haven't been feeling good and been in bed for a few days...........I wanted to post anyway, even though Christmas was so last week...

I think I was up by 8:30 or 9ish on Christmas Day. We don't have and small kids at our house so no need to be up extra early (lucky me!)

Friends and family started coming over around noon and we spent the day eating things like bacon wrapped little smokies, cocktail wieners, meat and potato knishes, ham and cheese ball, and veggies and dip.
I didn't remember to take pics until things were half-eaten.
This was our appetizer buffet:

Amber made this really cute gingerbread house. It came out really good!
(next year we are SO having a ginger bread house making party!)

Around 5:30, we put the Christmas Dinner buffet out:

Roast beef, Honey baked ham, mashed potatoes & gravy, baked mac-n-cheese, green bean casserole, cooked carrots, deviled eggs, and rolls n butter.

 OHMYGOSH!! It was all so good!! I cooked the roast beef a little longer than I wanted to but it was still tasty and moist. Everything was so good, I had 2 huge platefulls of food.
Here is what my Christmas dinner looked like:

I love the pictures of everyone sitting around eating all the food I cooked, it makes me feel good:

Around 7 or so, we cleared away the dinner foods and began to put out the desserts. I have made a dessert buffet on Christmas for about 15 years now. I guess it's my own tradition now, and it's my favorite part of Christmas!!

We had 3 kinds of pie (pumpkin, apple and choc creme), and we had baklava, cupcakes, brownies, pudding cups, jello cups, fudge. and chocolate chip cookies. Everything made by me, with help from my sons this year:

The food turned out fantastic! Our family and friends are what makes the day so special, Tim and I really enjoy having everyone over on Christmas Day.

This year turned out to be a really good Christmas for Timmy and I.

What a fun, fun holiday, I really love Christmas!

I have some bigger plans for Christmas next year, I'm already making plans.....

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