Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our backyard

Our house is one of the few in our neighborhood that sits on 1/2 acre of land. Most of the other yards around here are much, much smaller than ours.

Our doggies are so lucky to have such a huge fenced-in yard to run around.

Standing near the back of the house. Our yard goes all the way back past that big tree thats (kind of) in the middle of the yard:

Standing in the middle of the yard, close to the big tree mentioned in the above pic:

At the back fence, looking at the other side of the big tree, and beyond it, the back of our house:

HUGE yard!!!
(and I do run around back here with the dogs, Jack loves it when I'm outside with him)

Again in the middle of the yard, this time with a view of the back of our house. Can't wait to paint the house this spring!

This picture was taken before we burned that pile in the middle of the yard.
And there's my little Jack coming to see what all of the picture taking was about.


  1. That's a fantastic yard! This apartment dweller is jealous!

  2. Yes, I do love our yard! I was thinking that we could put a huge addition on the back of the house and still have plenty of yard left if I could only get Timmy to agree build me more house!