Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Yearly Christmas Ornament

Every year at Christmas time, Tim and I get a Christmas ornament together.

This year is our 4th Christmas together, and our 4th ornament.

This year we got a typical glass ornament, although this is a tiny one.

Here are the ornaments we picked the last 3 years we have been together:

2008- Our first Christmas together:
Glass snowflake ornament

Wooden picture frame ornament

adorable penguins ornament

All of our ornaments have the year on them (some are marked on the back of the ornament). We have a special place to display our ornaments in our living room, and they stay up all year 'round.

2008 was our first Christmas together, and also the year we moved into our house together. When we were shopping for our 2008 Christmas ornament, we came across this one, and we just had to buy it. When we found this, we had only lived in our house for a few weeks:

At the top of the gold key, it says "New House" and toward the bottom it says 2008.
The little door spins around and has a plain red door (no wreath) on the other side. Love this!!

This Key ornament is proudly displayed with our yearly Christmas ornaments in our living room next to our front door. More on our ornament display coming in another post.

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