Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's Christmas time at our house!!

We don't have any room in our house for a big Christmas tree, but we have plenty of Christmas going on here!

First, I have to start this post with a picture of my Christmas nails! I love em!

It's Christmastime!!! My favorite time of year!!
When Tim and I moved in to this house in 2008, we didn't have a single Christmas decoration.

We both had to start over that year, and so far we are doing pretty good together!
Here is some of the Christmassy stuff we have collected in our 3 years together.

Most of what we have is from garage sales, thrift stores, after-christmas sales, or DIY projects.
Nothing fancy here.
This is our $3.00 "Greetings" doormat:

And a new wreath I made for our front door. The one I made a few years ago was too big to fit between the front door and the glass door. This smaller one is perfect (and SO cute!):

A close-up of the little ornaments and tiny bows I used to decorate the wreath:

Garage sale Christmas throw blanket that Tim and I both love. It matches our decor perfectly:

Here is the old door wreath. It has found a place on our living room wall for now. It is decorated with gold bows, ornaments and flower sprigs. I love the all-gold decorations, it looks pretty good in our livingroom:

A picture of the old gold wreath hanging on the living room wall.
That little fake tree is our only Christmas tree, and it is also decked out with gold bows and gold ornaments:

Sparkly gold flowers, green leaves, and a cinnamon candle:

An adorable ceramic elf boot:

A Lucite choo-choo train candle holder. It looks like it's made of glass:

DIY- I painted a 99 cent wooden candle plate, added a candle and red bow:

This ceramic Holly candy dish was part of a set I found at a garage sale.
I paid $3.00 for the whole set:

Large ceramic vegie/dip tray is also part of the set:

And two Holly Candlesticks complete the set. This set was a nice find for 3 dollars:

My dad sent us a basket of yummy Florida oranges and grapefruits!

A large silver candy dish, (needs more candy!):

Candlesticks, and our little gold tree:

My DIY apothecary jars, I just LOVE these!
For Christmas, we filled them with M&M's and cinnamon red-hots:

My favorite "Earth" incense and a gold sparkly PEACE sign stay in our living room year 'round:

A little knick-knack I found at a garage sale:

Another garage sale find, a ceramic gingerbread house candle holder:

I got these 2 little angels a few weeks ago, they are GOEBEL ceramic figurines and they are about 40-50 years old. They are only about 3 inches tall and they are so cute! On Christmas Day, I'm going to give one of these to my best friend Christina so we will each have an angel.
Best-friend angels:

And last but not least, I just love this glass serving dish. It's pretty good sized, bigger than a large dinner plate.
It was $4.00 and is one of my favorite Christmas garage sale finds this year:

Looks like we have Christmas in full swing over here at the Bruns house!
The cooking and baking begin in 48 hours!!

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