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Disney World!!! Day four - Sunday May 13, 2012

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DAY 4:
Lisa and I slept in a little later today, I think we needed it!

We showered and dressed and took our time getting to the bus to HollyWood Studios. This was the former MGM Park, but the name was changed a few years ago.

As soon as we got into the park (around 11ish) a Cast Member handed me a white carnation, for Mother's Day. I thought that was really sweet of Disney to do that for the Moms.

We went to Fairfax Fare to eat some hotdogs and chips, and then we did our usual shopping, rides and shows.

I rode Star Tours by myself. Lisa thought it would be to claustrophobic for her. Turns out it was fine and she rode it later with me. It was a great ride, and it was different each time I rode it.

We saw the Voyage Of The Little Mermaid 3-D show, which was really good:

 We also went on The Great Movie Ride, which was also very good:

Here are a few pics from around the park:

We loved the bakery called Starring Rolls. Just look at these cupcakes!!!!

 I got an AWESOME marble cupcake that I took back to the hotel with me.

It was really, really good!

Sadly, around 2 we had to leave to park and head back to our hotel. Lisa and her co-worker had to go pick up their rental car at 3. They needed the car for their business meeting the next day.

We took the bus back to the Coronado Springs. While they were gone, I checked my email and downloaded pictures into Lisa's laptop from my camera.

They were back around 4 and we all headed to Epcot for the evening.

We had dinner reservations at the Rose & Crown Pub at 6:20, so one we were in the park, we slowly made our way back to the area called "Britain" and looked for our restaurant.

There it is!!

Getting situated at our table on the patio.

After our yummy Mother's Day dinner (I had steak), Lisa and I walked around Epcot until the park closed. There were a lot of flowers and pretty topiary Disney characters to see:

And live birds and ducks wandering around:

We saw Snow White!

And of course, we stopped in the bakery in "Germany" to see the caramel cupcakes:

I wish I had gotten a better picture of Belle and the Beast, they are my favorites. It was actually dark out when I took this pic, but my camera (without a flash) made it look light out.

When the park closed, we headed out to the busses.

Back at the hotel, we walked to Cafe Rix to refill our cups and then we settled in for the night.

Lisa had to be up early in the morning for her work meeting.

Day 5 is HERE!!!!

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