Thursday, August 30, 2012


It has occurred to me that I may be confusing some of you with my house renovation posts. I suppose it would be hard to try to make sense of what we are doing if you don't have the big picture.

So here is the big picture, a tour of our house:

The floorplan (main floor):

This isn't the best looking floorplan, but it's the best I could do for now.

And the basement floorplan:

And now for a tour of the different rooms in our house, all of the rooms are in some state of construction or progress. We have a long way to go before we get this house just the way we want it.

Home Sweet Home! We bought our house in November of 2008.
This first pic was taken more than a year ago, when the giant ugly bush was still there under the front window. The old porch was still there, and my curtains were red.

Today, the house looks more like this:

We rebuilt our screened in porch, replaced the red curtains with gray, and the giant ugly bush is gone.

 By next summer, (hopefully!) this house will look completely different. Major facelift coming soon!!

This is pretty much how the living room looks now, with a few minor changes since this picture was taken.
The curtains aren't red anymore, the front door is painted black now.......

The other side of the living room looked like this for a while,

Recently, we moved a few things around, and now this side of the living room looks more like this:


This was our kitchen when we bought the house in 2008:

By 2010 our kitchen looked like this:

And today, our kitchen is still in progress. I have plans to paint the knotty pine walls in the dining area this winter, and a few other things...
We will replace that old oven soon! I can't wait!!! It's the last major thing in the kitchen that needs to be replaced.

New table and chairs,  and a new table under the window.....


The bathroom as it looked when we bought the house in 2008:

We haven't done anything major to the bathroom yet, but we did decorate it a little. Major bathroom renovations coming soon. We plan to gut this bathroom and start all over. I can't wait to get rid of that ridiculous sink!!

This is our master bedroom (for now). Future plans include adding a master bedroom and master bath to the back of the house.
This is our bedroom on moving day in 2008:

And a more recent pic of our bedroom. We have actually made quite a few changes to our bedroom since this pic was taken, and we have plans to completely re-decorate this bedroom soon. We have a new color scheme coming for this room, and plans for new furniture. Every piece of furniture in this room was given to us when we moved in. It worked fine for free, but now we have an idea of how we want to proceed with this room, so the klunky 80's furniture has to go!  Tim and I will continue to use this room as our bedroom until we build our new master bedroom and bath. After that, this will most likely be a guest room.

Not much to show here. My son Chris just moved out of this bedroom last week and into his own place. His room is waiting for a complete overhaul (hopefully this winter!).
This room will be my craft/sewing room and a place to keep my Ebay stuff when I open my Ebay store back up.

Here is my inspiration picture for what my future craft/sewing room will look like. See the shelves and built in work surface along the back wall? Yeah, thats what I want! I love the orange and yellow, I may use those colors too.

Not much to see here either. Eventually these stairs will be painted or carpeted and the walls will be painted. We removed the door at the top of the stairs so the basement is more a part of the house, rather than just a basement.


Really, it's a laundry hallway.

 Tim built me a raised platform for my washer and dryer. No more bending over for me!!
Future plans for this space include paint, carpet, shelves and a little decorating.


Tim built this little bedroom downstairs when we first moved in the house in 2008. It was going to be a bedroom for Tim's son, who requested the walls be painted red. Patrick never moved in, so this became a storage room. You can see the red walls peeking out from behind the lamp.

Earlier this year, my daughter needed a place to stay, so we painted over the red and made a girl's room. Cody Leigh only stayed here for about 2 months : (

We plan to leave this room as it is for a while, but eventually this room will be turned into a workout room for me.


This is the screened porch when we moved into the house in 2008

And this is how it looked in 2009/2010

This past summer we had the porch rebuilt and re-screened. Here it is is it looks today (with temporary furniture). 
This porch will be fixed up and decorated soon. We have a few ideas brewing for the decorating and furniture we want. Mostly we are waiting to paint the entire outside of the house. At the same time, the wall on the left in the above picture and the ceiling will be painted too. I can't decide if I want to paint all over the cement floor with stencils, or lay carpet. Tim wants carpet. 

And a pic of the outside of our new screened porch

That's it for the House Tour for now, but I'll be back with more pics as we continue to renovate and redecorate.


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