Thursday, September 6, 2012

Building a handrail for our front steps

My parents came to town a few weeks ago so we could celebrate my dad's 80th birthday. My dad is getting up there in age and he is not very steady on his feet anymore.

Tim built a handrail for the 3 steps in front of our house so both of my parents could get up and down easier while they were here. The handrail was only supposed to be temporary but we kind of like the way it looks, so it's going to stay for a while (at least until we re-do our sidewalk and stairs sometime -hopefully- in the next year)

Tim started by digging 2 holes for the posts.

We found out quickly that there were big pieces of concrete buried beside the steps.

All of the concrete pieces would have to be removed in order for Tim to dig down far enough to bury the posts for the handrail.

After he got the concrete pieces pulled out, he got to work digging the post holes

The posts are in!

Another view of the posts

And after cutting the posts down to the correct height

Then he added the handrail

And it's done!!! WOW, that was easy!!! Haha, I didn't have to do any of the work either!

Our finished handrail........and it worked out very well for my mom and dad.

We kinda like it. We need to redo the entire sidewalk and stairs so until we get to that step, the handrail will stay.

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