Monday, September 10, 2012

Sidewalk patch

My mom and dad came into town a few weeks ago, so we had a few things we had to do to make it safer for them to be able to walk to our front door.

See my post HERE about how we built a handrail for the steps.

Next we had some concrete patching to do.

When we moved in to this house almost 4 years ago, we had a small spot on the sidewalk where the concrete was beginning to fall apart. It's gotten worse since we moved in but since we have plans to totally re-do the front steps and the sidewalk, we just ignored it for the past few years.

At this point, the concrete was looking really bad. We were afraid my mom and dad would fall if we didn't patch this hole up.

It looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen

A few bags of concrete, and my Timmy had the sidewalk patched in no time. 

And I added my own personal touch too! (this sidewalk is only temporary........if it was staying permanently I probably wouldn't have done it.)
Have you ever written your name in wet concrete? This was my first time.

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