Tuesday, October 16, 2012

THE BEST corner sign holder of all time!

There are so many businesses that hire people to stand outside and hold a sign up to advertise their business. Here in Kansas City, we have a really amazing sign guy that stands at one of the main corners near my house. If you live in, or drive through Shawnee Kansas, you have probably seen him many times. He has been working the same corner for over 4 years now, and I see him out there almost everyday.

Originally, he worked for the pizza place and at first he just held a sign advertising the pizza. After a while we noticed he would wear his headphones and hold his sign and strum it as if it was a guitar.

Within a few months, the pizza place ordered him a sign that is actually in the shape of a guitar, with a shoulder strap too! I thought this was a great idea. It makes me smile (and sometimes laugh) when I see him out there dancing around and playing his guitar sign. He is hilarious to watch, and quite entertaining when you are stuck at the light.

In the last few years, he started dressing like a rockstar and sometimes he adds facepaint too.

Recently though, our neighborhood sign guy has taken a different sign holder job. He quit the pizza place and now his sign advertises "Cash for Gold". He still stands on the same corner, and the "gold" people also bought him a sign in the shape of a guitar.

Yesterday, I happened to be stopped at the light and I had my good camera with me. I was able to zoom in and get a few pics of our sign guy.

The gold place also got him a new "money suit" and hat to wear! I love it, and I sure hope they are paying him more money than the pizza place paid him.

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