Thursday, November 1, 2012

10 Months and Counting

My cruise countdown is ON!!!

I'm leaving in exactly 10 MONTHS from today!!!!

That sounds like a long time from now, but it will go by fast (I hope). There is so much planning that still has to be done. Christina and I still haven't settled on which Spa/Resort we want to go to after the cruise, we still haven't decided if we are all flying into Ft Lauderdale or Miami, and I have to look into limo companies and book our transportation. I know there are cheaper ways to get around Miami, but I'm not going cheap on this trip. That is another reason why I need every bit of this 10 months to SAVE up for everything. I'm pretty sure this vacation will cost me a small fortune.

In 10 months, I'll be here:

And I'll be here:

The black arrow is pointing to my huge aft-wrap balcony cabin!!

I'm so excited about this cabin!!!

We also have a lot of planning to do for the islands we are visiting. The only island I have figured out so far is Half Moon Cay.
I'm still working on making plans for Grand Turk, Nassau, Jamaica and Grand Cayman.

This week, I'm working on my plans for Grand Turk. The last time Tim and I were in Grand Turk, we rented a golf cart and explored. It was really fun and we got a good feel for the island. We also found a geo-cache while we were there.

This time I will be visiting Grand Turk with my sister and 2 of my kids. None of them have ever been to Grand Turk. My kids have never been out of the USA!!  

I had originally just planned to just take them all to the beach (maybe Jack's Shack??) and just hang out for the day. Now I am wondering if we should rent another golf cart so my kids and sister can see more of Grand Turk than just the beach.

My kids like to geo-cache too, and there are a few more caches on the island that Tim and I didn't look for when we were there.

Decisions, decisions!!

In November and December, I am hoping to get both legs of my cruise paid off.

In February and March, I'll get our plane tickets booked. I want to wait until the bookings for Southwest Airlines open up. Sometimes Southwest has direct flights from Kansas City to Miami. It would be amazing  NOT having a layover.

In April, we will finalize all of the hotel reservations.

I'll keep you all posted on my cruise plans...........

In case you missed my last posts about this cruise, the itinerary, and who I'm cruising can find them HERE and HERE.

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