Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I have a new friend

We have a houseguest for a while!!!

Her name is "Mya". I'm really not sure how her name is spelled. I suppose it could be Myah??

Isn't she just beautiful???? I really love her!!!

She's an American Eskimo, and she's about 5 years old, I think.

I don't get to keep her, she's just visiting for a while. I'm not even sure how long she'll be staying with us.

She belongs to a friend of my son Allen. He offered to keep Mya while her owner is in between homes. He had her at his apartment for about 6 weeks but it got to be too much for him. He already has 2 cats in his tiny apartment. The cats didn't really love the dog, and the dog didn't really love the cats. Plus, everytime Mya needed to go out, he had to take her down 3 flights of stairs. That would have irritated me after the 3rd day, LOL.

Since Tim and I already have 2 doggies and a huge back yard, Mya came to stay with us. She fits in perfectly with our babies.

She's so sweet, she can stay as long as she needs to.

She's a very good dog. Perfectly trained, and she listens well.

Look at this face!!!!

She's been moved around a few times in the past year. I feel bad for her. She got REALLY attached to my son when she was with him. She was sad when he first left her with us about 3-4 weeks ago. She didn't want to do anything but wait for Allen to come back.

It only took her a few days to feel better. We made sure to give her extra attention and lots of treats. She figured out pretty quickly that our house is doggie heaven, and now she's pretty much taken over the house. She's the first one in line when we pass out treats, she follows me around the house, and she sleeps next to me at night.

Our other 2 dogs, Peanut Butter and Jack, seem to like Mya too. Our dogs are very passive, and Mya has quickly established herself as more dominant dog of the three. She's not mean, but she will shove them out of the way to get what she wants.

If I am calling Jack to jump into my lap, Mya will run past him and leap into my lap first. Then she will growl at Jack to stay away. She will also take their treats if we don't watch her. The girl is quick, and she knows what she wants in life!

She growls a bit to get her point across, but she has never snapped or tried to nip at anyone.

About the 2nd or 3rd day we had her, I was sitting on the kitchen floor passing out little pieces of cheese to the 3 dogs. It wasn't Mya's turn, but she took the treat right out of my hand that I was giving to one of the other dogs. I yelled at her, "no, we don't snatch treats here!"
So, she scooted forward towards me, and she licked my face. OH MY GOSH, I totally melted and she had my heart right then and there.
Sweetest thing, EVER, and she has not snatched any more treats from me. She patiently waits her turn now. She will steal from Jack if he doesn't eat his treats quick enough though.   

Here are Mya and my boy Jack hanging out together. They are exactly the same size, these two are perfect together!

She loves her belly to be rubbed. We do a lot of belly rubbing at our house these days.

See the wet spot next to her face on the chair arm? She sucks on things. It's so cute when she does that, I just want to hug her!!

Here she is, doing her sucking thing. She mostly does it when she's tired.

She also bites on her toe nails, which is a little funny. I trimmed her nails a few weeks ago, so she's not biting them because they are too long. I think she just has a few odd quirks.

She's such a beautiful dog!

Outside, this girl can run like the wind. I thought my Jack was fast, but Mya blows Jack away.
I'm waiting for the weather to warm up to I can take my babies to the park to play. I wonder how she'll do with a leash and collar?

I'll take some pics of her outside once we get a nice warm day.

I hope Mya gets to stay for awhile, we are really enjoying having her around!

I'll be back with more posts, I've been gone awhile, but I have some updates coming very soon!


  1. Thanks for posting such a great Blog. Mya is a pretty little girl. She looks like a fox.

  2. Thanks Charles! Yes, she does look like a fox!!!