Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to overcook your eggs


I was innocently making some hard boiled eggs so Tim and I could have salad for dinner.

I put 6 eggs in a glass pot, filled it with water, and I put it on the stove to boil for 15 minutes.

Then I went off to do other things around the house.

Everything was fine for the first 45 minutes.

My son Allen and I were in the living room when we heard the explosion in the kitchen.

THE EGGS!!!!!!!

My kitchen is officially trashed.

My floor:

My NEW stove:

My glass pot. I'm lucky it didn't break, but I'm not sure that mess will come off easily:

My ceiling:

My walls:

Looks like I'm going to be busy for a while tonight.

The good thing is I was just going to paint this area of the kitchen.............maybe I could go for a textured look??

This reminds me of when I was little, maybe around 4, and we lived in Denver. I was with my mom at the next door neighbor's house when, in the middle of a conversation with Mrs. Davis,  my mom suddenly yelled "THE EGGS!!!" and she ran home.
Of course I ran home after her and we found the same type of egg carnage all over our kitchen. I can still remember my mom standing on a chair trying to scrub the eggs off the ceiling.
Like mother, like daughter............

Tims reaction to this mess???  He came home from work just after the egg explosion. He laughed when he saw the kitchen, and I think he even congratulated me on my use of homemade explosives. Then he took me to Chipotle for dinner.

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