Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Girl Tools

I hit the motherload for my birthday this year. May is an awesome month for me because I get to celebrate my wedding anniversary on May 1st and my birthday on May 15th. Mothers Day is in there too!

I just love May!!!

Tim surprised me with several awesome gifts this year. I got some beautiful blue diamond jewelry. He got me a matching necklace, earrings and a ring. It's all so beautiful!! Tim has excellent taste in jewelry. Now I need a few dates so I'll have somewhere to wear it. The clerks at Quik Trip don't seem to be impressed with my new beautiful jewelry.

Timmy also surprised me with some girl tools this year. I am loving them!

I already posted about my new Dremel here

I haven't had a chance to use the dremel yet, but I have a new project in mind that will put it to good use. 

The surprises kept coming, and Tim took me to Sears and helped me pick out some pink tools!

I have a new pink power drill! WOOHOO!!

And I also got a pink hammer and a screwdriver with several tips (whatever you call them?)

My new pink tools go with my pink toolbag Tim bought me about 5 years ago.

I love this toolbag!! I like to keep a few tools upstairs where I can get to them easily. I am always in need of a hammer or screwdriver to do my simple projects around the house.

Here is what I keep in my pink bag

Just some basic things: wood glue, glue gun, staple gun (that is actually Timmy's staple gun, I should probably return it), scissors, screwdriver, scraper, paint can opener, razor blades, small level, panel nails (perfect for hanging pictures), hammer, jewelry tools, small screwdriver set.

Maybe some day all that stuff will be pink!? Sears is getting it right so far.

Mostly, I ask Tim to do anything that requires more than the tools pictured above. He's always happy to help, but I think in the future I will try to attempt even more things on my own before I ask for his help.

I have attempted to to more on my own already. I fixed up my porch last weekend and I used my new pink power drill with a screwdriver tip to screw in all of the hangers for the hanging plants around the top ledge. I got most of them in all the way, and I only had to ask Tim to help me with getting a few of the screws tightened. I don't have a whole lot of strength above my head to get those screws in tight.

I also used my pink drill with the screwdriver tip to screw in this planter hanger on the front of the house.
It feels good to do some of this stuff on my own! So what if I couldn't get my bottom screw all the way in, he he!
I did it myself!

I'll keep you posted as I get more and more adventurous with my new tools. There is still so much to do around here, and I am excited to try to do more things on my own. 

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