Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kitchen re-do........coming soon!

I've been working my way around the house, painting and redecorating.

Last summer when I wrote this post, I was really stuck on where to go with my kitchen.

Here are some pics of where I was:

I originally went with black/gray as my theme color for the kitchen, and I had planned to add a pop of brighter color later.

I love the black and gray. I really do. But as you can see, I wedged myself into a corner and I couldn't pick a color I liked with the black. The black and gray with no lively colors got really boring, and my knotty pine walls in the eat in part of the kitchen are way too orange.

I spent a lot of time (almost a year) trying to figure out what to do with this kitchen and I finally have a plan.

Here are a few more recent pictures of what I am working with. These were taken about 3 days ago.

It's really a nice kitchen, I absolutely love this kitchen, but it doesn't have that finished look. It looks half-way done to me.

On the other side of the kitchen, Tim recently added a cabinet and matching countertop between the fridge and the stove.
I can't wait to paint it!!!!

The cabinet face is not exactly the same as the old cabinets on the other side of the room, but it's as close as we could get. A little paint and some handles, and it will blend in just fine (I hope!)

Later we will add a hood/fan for the stove and some upper cabinets to this side of the kitchen. is the new plan for the kitchen:

The cabinets will be two-toned. The upper cabinets will be white, and the lowers will be dark gray.
The walls will be a lighter gray than what they are now.
I will add some red in for my "color"............we'll see how that goes.

Here is Ashley's kitchen from Domestic Imperfection:

This is the look I am going for with my kitchen.

I think it will look pretty good with our dark gray countertops.
The good thing is, it's only paint. If I hate the two-toned look for the cabinets, I can always repaint!

Kitchen re-do starts this weekend!


  1. I like the dark cabinets & the dark countertop - why don't you just add a colorful backsplash above the counters? Robin D'Angelo

  2. This looks like it will be really nice! For your color, have you considered yellow or even a bright green? Both are really warm and would have a neat effect in the room with the white, black, and gray. Just a suggestion!