Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June Update

I always look forward to summertime thinking I will suddenly have more time to tackle projects, emails, visiting with friends and family.............and it never seems to work out that way at all. This summer is no different. I can't believe it's almost July!!! Where does the time go? My days are crazy and packed with things to do from the time I get up until the time I go to bed every night.

I also keep thinking I will be able to get some time to knock out big projects on the weekends. That doesn't seem to be working out for me either. We took a trip to St Joseph, Missouri to visit Tim's granny a few weekends ago, my sister came into Kansas City unexpectedly a few weekends ago,  we had a family day at World's of Fun last wekend, we have plans to visit my mom and sister in Minnesota for my sister's birthday this weekend...........no wonder I can't find time for projects (or to write in this blog more often)

Here are some updates on whats going on around here lately:

Sunday family barbeques:
This year, Tim and I started having Sunday barbeques with our kids. It's been really nice, and a good way to wrap up the week.
Here are 2 of my sons, Allen and Chris, along with Allen's girl Shelah.
Timmy is the head chef

Tim's son Patrick putting his Eagle Scout training to good use. Patrick is in charge of bonfires.
He's pretty good!

Our dogs:
The doggies are doing GREAT! We still have Mya living with us, and we have really fallen in love with her in the last few months. She has fit in with our family very well.

Here are a few pics I took of Jack and Mya in the front yard this morning.

They are both so beautiful!

Here is my previous post about Mya, and why she is living with us now.

My Flowers:
I planted my flowers about a month ago, and most of them are doing very well.
We have had a few heavy rainstorms that have all but flattened my plants and flowers, but after a day or so the flowers are happy again (mostly).

Timmy brought home some tomato plants from work a few weeks ago. We planted them in big pots and they are all doing very well. Maybe I'll get some tomatoes this year?? I do OK with plants and flowers, but I have never grown a vegitable in my life. As a matter of fact, I tried growing tomatoes and peppers a few years ago and I got nothing. I had 6 foot tall tomato plants and never one single tomato all summer. I think my problem was that I had moved my plants onto my screened porch to protect them from the squirrels and rabbits, but they didn't get enough sun on the porch.

This year, the plants are in the front yard where I can keep an eye on them, but they can get full sun.
So far so good. I see little flowery things coming up. Do the flowery things grow the tomatoes? I guess I'll find out

Tim's granny gave me some flower seeds when we saw her a few weeks ago. We brought them home and planted them in pots, and sure enough I have baby flowers coming up!!
Several of them have grown so much I transplanted them into my flower beds.

Here is a pic of my round flower bed from May 20th:

And one month later, June 18th:

I have Peace Lillies in that round bed, and I discovered a flower bud on it yesterday! I'm excited for the Peace Lillies to bloom!

Also, see the biggest plant in the top left part of the bed? The tall one with some white flowers? That plant shouldn't be in the round bed at all.

It was in a hanging basket, see it hanging by the mailbox?

About 2 weeks ago the entire plant started to turn yellow and some of it was dying off. I moved the basket around to different places in the yard, and I tried to baby it along. It was not doing well at all. As a last effort, I planted it in this bed to see how it would do. It seems to be recovering OK, but it looks out of place in the round bed. I'll leave it for now to get healthy again, and probably replant it somewhere else in a week or so.

Meanwhile, I hung this pretty pink and purple one in its place by the mailbox.

Painting the kitchen:
Moving right along with the kitchen! It's taking forever, but it will eventually be done ( I hope).
Here are some progress pics.

This one was taken just before I got started. Everything covered in plastic. I'm ready to paint that horrid ceiling!!!

One last look at this new cabinet before it got it's make-over (new paint and handles)

The wall in the kitchen was dark gray (left), and the new light gray color on the right.

Ceiling and walls are painted! The kitchen looked like this for a few days

We're getting there!!
The kitchen has lightened up so much. We really like it so far. It will be better when I get the cabinet doors hung back up.

And for the dining part of the kitchen, well, I'm still working on that.

It made me sad to paint these knotty pine walls, but it had to be done. I tried for 4 and a half years to get these pine walls to fit in with my decorating, but they were holding me back. The orange walls did not fit in with anything I was trying to do in here.
A last look at my beautiful knotty pine. They have been in this kitchen since the house was built in 1950:

After one coat of gray paint:

This morning, I put a second coat of paint on, they look much better than they did yesterday.
The walls in here still need a 3rd coat of paint.
It will look different again, when I get the windows and trim painted white.

OK, that's about it for now. I'll be back soon with more updates!

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