Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DIY Flip Flops

Last week I saw a picture on Facebook of a pair of cute DIY flip flops. It was perfect timing, because I have been looking for cute flip flops all summer and I haven't found anything I like yet.

After I saw the picture on FB I thought I would try to make a pair, and I was surprised to find that I really like these! They are cute AND they are comfortable.

Here are my DIY flip flops I made in about 20 minutes:


Here's how I made them:

I started with a pair of old white flip flops I already had. 

I cut off the strappy things. I have to admit I was a little worried when I cut them off. There is no way to go back if it doesn't work. I think these flip flops cost me $1.99 and I bought them 2 summers ago, so it really wasn't going to be that big of a loss if it didn't work.

I had some pink material leftover from making my daughter's curtains. I cut a strip that was about 4 inches wide and about 10 inches long.
I folded the strip so the raw edges were hidden onside the folds and I pushed the middle of the folded strip through the toe hole in the flip flop.

Then I took a longer strip and folded it the same as above, so the raw edges don't show. 
I threaded this strip through the loop in the first strip. 
I poked the two ends of the long strip through the remaining two holes in the flip flop.

Then I put my foot in and  adjusted the strips to find where it was comfortable for my foot. 
I carefully removed my foot and tied the material in knots on the bottom of the flip flop. The knots are big enough to hold tight, but small enough to fit in the little space where the old strap thing was. 
I can't feel the knots when I walk, and so far they haven't come loose.

So easy and so cute!
The material is more comfortable than the straps were.
This could be a great gift idea for little girls.

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