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My Caribbean Vacation - Day 9 - Sea Day 2

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DAY 9 - SEA DAY II - Sunday Sept 8, 2013 

Of course, we couldn't sleep in. Not even on a sea day.
It was Christina's first full day of being on the ship. We had a lot to do, although we really had nothing planned.

We went out on the balcony first thing. We stayed out there for quite a while enjoying the morning and the sound of the ocean.

The sunrise was very pretty! Much better than the rain in Miami yesterday morning.

When we got hungry for breakfast, we got motivated to get our day started.

We took showers and got dressed.

I took Christina to get an omelet from Hector.
He seemed surprised to see me, but then I think he understood what I was trying to tell him yesterday.

We carried our plates back to the cabin and ate on our balcony. 
What a nice view to go with breakfast!

Around 9:45 we left Carlos a tip and a note (we thought it would be nice to continue to do it Lisa's way)
We put our "Crusin" sign on the door, and we headed off to play BINGO

In the hallway, we saw Ari! 

Good Morning Ari!

We hadn't seen Ari at all yesterday so I introduced him to Christina. 
He asked what my name was, and I told him. From then on, he called us by our names every time we passed him in the hallway, which was actually several times a day.

We played BINGO at 10:00 with Donkey in the Caribbean Theater.
We didn't win.
We walked around the ship. We went up on the Lido deck and people watched and listened to music. We went in the gift shops again, and we stopped in at the casino bar and had a smoke.

We went to guest services for something, and while we were there I asked for a comment card so I could leave a comment about a staff member. He told me they don't have comment cards, but he offered me a piece of paper and an envelope. He said to bring it back to him and he would get it to the right person.

We ate lunch at the buffet. It was American themed again, my favorite!
After lunch we had ice cream and then went back to our cabin. 

We could barely see Cuba in the distance. 
I had to zoom in to get these pictures

We were sleepy and we had several things we wanted to do that evening around the ship.
We decided to take a nap, and we both slept until 4:00

We woke up and got ourselves ready for formal night. We both wanted to take pics with the Captain. Of course, I met him last week, but I still wanted to do it again.

When we were ready, we took a couple of pictures of each other before we left the cabin

 As you can see,  Christina and I shopped for our dresses together before the cruise..........

We saw them on the sale rack for $24.99 and we thought we would go for it
(The one I wore last week with Lisa and the kids is also the same dress in blue/green)
Just in case you were wondering why our dresses matched, there was no particular reason, other than we liked them and they were on sale, and we're BFF's

After we took pictures, we headed down to Deck 5 to see what was going on.

The place was in full swing
The band was playing, people milling around,

We took pictures of the Captain and Marcelo.
I have no idea who the 2 in the middle are. The guy on the right is my new friend Shane, who was so nice to us on the tender at Half Moon Cay.

We took pictures with Marcelo and the Captain.

Then we went to all of the backgrounds and had a blast posing for pictures together.
I think we posed at every background, and we laughed a lot at some of the poses they asked us to do.

We wouldn't see our pics until the next night, but I'll post them here anyway

We both really liked this one

When we had our fill of picture taking, we went down to Deck 3 to go to the Dining Room.

We asked the hostess if we could be seated in Donovan and Joyce's section.
She told us they hadn't opened that section yet.
We asked when it would be open, and told her we would come back.
She wouldn't let us leave, and she insisted that they would open the section now.
We went along with it, and we were seated in the back of the dining room

In the picture below, we sat in the booth on the left

We liked this booth!

 We never saw anyone named Didiet

We had a really good dinner that night. The food was very good; Christina had Surf and Turf and I had Prime Rib.
Donovan and Joyce took excellent care of us. For most of our dinner, we were the only ones back there in that section so they both spent a lot of time with us.
I asked Donovan if he was excited to go home to Jamaica tomorrow to see his wife and little daughter? He sure was! His eyes lit up when he told us about his 6 yr old little girl, and how she just started the school year and she loves her new uniform. He told us his wife went back to school and is now a school teacher.
We talked about Jamaica and he asked what we had planned for the next day, and we told him what we were doing.
I told him how I had always wanted to go to Jamaica but when Tim and I went in 2011, we felt unsure of the locals that stopped us every 5 seconds when we were walking around. I told him I was apprehensive about Christina and I walking around near the shops and pier area.
He told me that we were in no danger at all. He agreed the locals were aggressive, but he assured us they meant no harm and that we were safe to walk around the shops and pier area.
I felt much better after talking to him.

We also talked to Joyce.We learned she is from the Philippines, and she has a husband and a 1 year old daughter back home.

We thanked Donovan and Joyce for an excellent dinner service, and we went up to deck 5 again.

We sat at the casino bar for a while and listened to music. Just before 8 we went to the Black & Red lounge for Karaoke.
It was really a cool place

The karaoke was a little boring. Christina and I brought life to the place by cheering loudly for everyone that got up to sing. We got others to cheer too.
After about 40 minutes, we were still bored so we left.

Back at the casino bar, we listened to "Guess That Motown Song" with Donkey.
Just before 10 we went toward the night club. We wanted to sit in there and listen to the 70's music for an hour.
There was a line forming to get into the club, but the doors were still closed. We stood in line for 5-10 minutes and this blonde woman came up and started yelling at a man in line. We don't even think she knew him, but she made a fool of herself all over the Promenade Deck in front of everyone. Her friend was so embarrassed and kept trying to get the woman to leave with her.
The woman had obviously had too much to drink.
Pretty soon a lot of security guards came and talked her into quietly going inside the club.
They must have whisked her out the back door because when they opened the club doors a minute later, they were gone.

I had another Miami Vice at the club, it was a good frozen drink. I think Christina had one too.
We didn't dance but we sat up along the bar that went around the dance floor and watched everyone else. We had a good time.

Back in our cabin, we found a Platypus. How did Carlos even make that face? I might have to spring for the towel animal folding book to find out

It was getting late, but we decided we weren't done with our day yet, so we changed into swimsuits and went up to the aft pool around midnight.
We wanted to sit in the hot tubs, but they were closed and roped off. We settled for the pool.

We saw our Canadian balcony neighbor by the pool and sat and talked with him for awhile.. We didn't see his wife and we assumed she went to bed early. The husband seemed to be bored and was hanging out by the pool bar. He was very nice.

By the time we were leaving the pool, we were starving. We stopped at the grill and got cheeseburgers and fries to take back to our cabin.
We sat on our beds and ate our burgers, but we were still hungry.
We ordered room service - Fajitas and pretzels. The food came very fast,and it was good.
We were stuffed by now and sooooo tired, we were both asleep by 1:30AM and looking forward to going to Jamaica the next day.

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