Thursday, December 19, 2013

I got a robot for christmas!!!

I'm so excited about this early Christmas present!!!

I have been asking Tim for a floor cleaning robot for a few years now. What a great idea! A robot that vacuums the house for you!
The amount of dog hair that our dogs shed all year around is ridiculous. I brush them all regularly, and now we keep Peanut Butter shaved pretty short, but I still have dog hair all over the house.

Now that we have Mia, who sheds worse than I would have ever imagined, I really can't keep up with the hair balls. We have white fur piles along every wall and in every corner of the house within 3 days after I sweep and vacuum the whole house. The fur is under and behind every piece of furniture, and it's just nuts. I honestly do not have the time or the energy to sweep and vacuum the entire house every 2-3 days.

This year I begged Timmy to get me a robot to help me keep up with the pet hair. The I-robots have excellent reviews and are reasonably priced. I found one that is specially made to help with pet hair and I showed Tim the website.

He finally agreed to get the robot, and a few weeks ago this arrived:

Jack wants to know what's in the box.

I was SO HAPPY to open this box!!! Help has arrived

I was a little worried about how the dogs would react to our new robot. I pictured them chasing it and barking a lot.
I was wrong. The girl dogs don't care much about the robot. They move out of it's way when it comes near them and they mostly stay on the couch or the bed when it's turned on.
I think Jack likes it though. It was parked near my chair while I was reading the manual and I found Jack with his paws touching it. How cute!!

I decided the robot is a girl, and I named her Rosie, after the Jetson's robot. I've always wanted a robot like Rosie from the Jetsons, and I have a feeling we're not too far off from having robots that do more housekeeping tasks.

My Rosie as just awesome!!! We plugged her in and charged her up by putting her on her home base.
When she was charged, I pushed the button on top that says "clean", and Rosie went to work.

The first time around the house, she bumped into all the furniture and walls, although not hard enough to scratch anything. She must have mapped out the house on her first run, because now she knows where everything is and she slows down just before she gets to a table leg or a wall.
She has a sensor and she won't fall down the stairs (we made sure of this before I let her clean unsupervised)

She does a really good job with the vacuuming! She gets 99% of the pet hair every time she cleans. Much better than I even expected.

It takes her about 2 hours to make her way around our small house. She's not quite as noisy as a regular vacuum cleaner.

Here is a quick video I took of Rosie working on the kitchen.
She goes around in a haphazard pattern, but she eventually gets every corner and around all the furniture.

When she's finished cleaning she goes back to her home base and plays a little victory song.

The only thing I have to do is empty out the little tray where the dirt collects.

Rosie has a feature I can set so she will clean when I program her to. Now that I've had her a few weeks and I trust her not to get stuck somewhere or hurl herself down the stairs, I'm going to set her to clean every 2 days. She can clean while I'm at work!

I-robot has several different models of the Roomba. We picked a mid-grade one that is especially good for pet hair, so there were cheaper models than the one we picked, and there were more expensive ones too.
In case you are curious of the price, Tim paid $399.00 for Rosie. I do think that's a reasonable price for a vacuum cleaner, and especially one that cleans by itself.

This is THE BEST Christmas present I could have asked for! Rosie is a huge help to me and I love love love her! THANK YOU, TIMMY!!!

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  1. You should name your robot now that you have coined her a gender! Congrats on the new member of your family! Love you! - Justine