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Tim & Andrea's honeymoon cruise - Day 10

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All caught up? Great, we're ready to continue on with Day 10 of our awesome honeymoon cruise:

MAY 11, 2011 -  OUR LAST SEA DAY

As usual, Tim and I were both up by 7:00 AM. What a bummer we couldn't sleep in! I have no problem sleeping in when I'm at home (although Tim never sleeps in), but on the ship I was up early every single day.
We lazed around and watched Good Morning America, and when we went out on our balcony we saw nothing but ocean.

At some piont, there was a loud announcement "SIERRA TEAM", and there was a lot of people running down our hallway. I peeked outside our cabin door and I saw many officers and crew members running down the hall and into a room down at the end. One crew member carried an oxygen tank and another carried a gurney.

Since I saw them enter a cabin, I assumed it was an emergency involving a passenger. Now that I knew what "Sierra Team" meant, I didn't want to gawk at another passenger's emergency situation, so I went back in the cabin and closed the door. We didn't hear anymore about this, we hoped the passenger was OK.

We took showers and dressed, and around 8:00 we decided to go to up the lido deck to get breakfast from the buffet. This was a GREAT idea, as there were NO LINES! There was definitely a plus side to being up early every morning.

We loaded our trays with freshly made omlettes, bacon, toast and OJ, and carried our trays back to our room.

We ate breakfast and watched more Good Morning America.

We looked through the FUN TIMES for something we wanted to do that day, but neither of us was really interested in any thing that was going on. I wanted to check out the chocolate buffet that I had heard so much about, and I also saw that the newest Harry Potter movie would be playing on our cabin TV later that morning. We decided to watch the movie.

Before the movie was due to start, we walked down to the lobby deck to do two things: we wanted to use the ATM to get some cash for the taxi ride to the airport tomorrow, and we wanted to ask Guest Services for quarters so we could do laundry. Both of which we did. There was a $6.00 fee to use the ATM (ouch!)

Back in our cabin, I sorted through laundry and decided to do one load of darks, and take the dirty white clothes back home with us (we didn't have a whole lot of whites for some reason, and at $6.00 a load, I could handle carrying the half load of whites back home). I ran down the hall to throw my load into the washer before the movie started. Tim was nice enough to switch the laundry to the dryer and then bring the load back to the cabin for me when it was dry.

After the movie, Tim and I were hungry. We went up to the lido deck in search of food. Again, we ended up at The Grill. It wasn't our favorite, but we both thought it was better than the main lunch buffet. We ate our lunch at one of the tables on the back serenity deck. I ate a hamburger and french fries. It was OK. Tim ate chicken nuggets and fries, and he also said it was OK.

We walked into the main buffet area, to see if the chocolate buffet was set up yet. It was!! We walked around and looked at everything, but nothing appealed to either of us. I'm sure I could have found SOMETHING good there, but it was pretty crowded and I just didn't feel like dealing with the line. We walked back to the serenity deck and I got a ice cream cone!

We stopped in the ship gift shop and bought the magnet I had my eye on each time I went into that store.

At some point that day, I took a picture over the side of our 6th floor railing, looking down into the lobby. We loved to peek over this reailing and see what was going on below while we were waiting for the elevator.

Back in our cabin, we watched TV, hung out on the balcony, and ordered afternoon snacks from room service (a fruit plate, and a plate full of potato chips). We spent some time reading through our debarkation information and filling out our customs forms for the next day. We got our suitcases out from under the bed for the first time in 10 days. That was a little sad.

I packed a few things and Tim and I talked about what a GREAT wedding and cruise we just had, and how sad we were that it would all be over tomorrow. At the same time, we were just a little homesick and we both had to admit we were looking forward to going home. Just a little bit.

Later when we were hungry for dinner, we decided we were too lazy to go to the MDR for dinner. We realized this was our last MDR dinner with Achmed, and we were sad that we wouldn't get to say goodbye to him. He had taken such good care of us! We hoped we would see him the next morning at breakfast.
I took a picture of the room service menu.

We ordered sandwiches and salads from room service and I continued packing.
Around 6:45PM, I had another one of my bright ideas. I wanted to go to the hot tub one last time! I ran up to the serenety deck, and saw that both hot tubs were full of people. Maybe later.

I went back to the cabin and packed some more.

Another beautiful sunset from our balcony:

I checked again around 7:45, and both hot tubs were empty! I ran back down to the cabin and Tim and I put our swimsuits on. We grabbed our towels and one of our S & S cards, and we went up to the serenity deck.
Ahhhh........the hot tub sure felt nice!!

Tim and I stayed in the hot tub for a while and when we were done, we stopped for an ice cream cone on the way back to our cabin. My last ice cream cone!

Back in our room, we showered and finished packing. We left out only the clothes we needed for the next day and the things we wanted in our carry on bags.

We put our debarkation tags on our suitcases (we had #28) and we put our suitcases out in the hallway. Again, this was a bittersweet moment. I was very sad that we were leaving the next morning, but also happy that we were going home. 13 days is a long time to be away from home.

Quite a lazy day for Tim and I, but I think we were pretty worn out by that day.  

We watched TV and fell asleep knowing that when we woke up we would be in Miami.


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