Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back yard shed - Part 1

Tim and I made a trip to Home Depot to check out the Labor Day sales on their sheds. We have been wanting to put a shed up for a while now, but we were waiting for a good price.

Tim found an 8 X 10 shed for a good price. It was back in the "garden center" part of Home Depot on a high shelf. We found a sales person and let her know we wanted the shed, and she ran off to find someone with a fork-lift thingie to get the shed off of the shelf for us.

She came back and she told us someone would be along shortly to get the shed down, then she asked us to move "for our safety" and she set up the little fence to keep customers out of the aisle.

In the picture above you can see the guy on the fork lift getting into position to bring the shed down off the shelf.

Then the sales lady walked down a few aisles and started waving red flags around to keep other customers from going near the area with the forklift.

I thought this was hysterical, and totally worth taking a pic. There were NO CUSTOMERS anywhere near the aisle where the shed was, in fact I don't think there was anyone else in the garden center except us.

Here are 2 Home Depot workers that are taking their job way too seriously!!! They are 3 aisles down from the aisle with the forklift, and she was waving those flags around and there were no customers in sight.

I understand that she was probably told to wave the flags in her Home Depot job training, but it was pretty funny and definitely unnecessary in this case.

Timmy brought the truck around to the back and the guy loaded the shed box in. I honestly didn't think it would fit, but it did. Barely.

When we got home, Tim drove the truck into the back yard to unload the shed.
I was wondering how he planned to get it out of the truck. It took a forklift to load it in there, but we don't have a forklift at home.

I was happy when my son Chris showed up just at the right time so he could help Timmy unload.

The unloading seemed easier than I thought it would be.

The shed is still sitting in the box in the back yard. Tim has to build a foundation for it before we can start to put it together. We ran out of weekend, so we will get started ASAP.
If I know my husband, he will be out there at dawn on Saturday morning and the shed will be completely set-up before breakfast.

I'll try to get him to slow down so I can take some pics while he builds it. I am NOT an early riser, especially on weekends.

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