Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back Yard Shed - Part 2

When we left off yesterday, our shed was still in a box in our back yard.
My son "Captain America" had just helped Timmy unload the huge box from the back of the truck.

In case you missed it, you can read about it here.   "Back Yard Shed - Part 1".

Tim planned to put the shed together last Saturday, but he was called into work instead. Sunday became shed-buildng day. It was perfect weather to be out in the back yard.

First, Tim layed out some patio pavers to get a flat foundation under our shed.

Now, let's see whats in the box??!!

Tim's son Patrick came to help with the shed building. It's so nice that Tim and I have so many kids (we have 5 kids total between the 2 of us). There always seems to be a kid (or two) around when we need one.

Tim and Patrick found the 6 pieces to lay out for the floor of the shed. The shed (and the floor) are made of hard plastic. The floor pieces snapped together and then were held in place with screws.

Peanut Butter (our little Shih Tzu) came out to help too. Peanut Butter is Tim's baby that he rescued about 4 years ago. She found a place to hang out in the middle of the mess.

Meanwhile, Tim and Patrick got started building the walls of the shed:

When they put the windows in, I couldn't help myself. I had to get in on the action. I found the shutter pieces and I attached them myself! I'm such a big help when it comes to these large projects.
The shutters are so cute, they make the shed look like a little doll house.

Now I am wondering if there is a way to attach little flowerboxes below each window.

Still a loooooong way to go before we have a complete shed. Lots of pieces still laying around all over the yard.

But it's getting there!

My step-son Patrick holding the roof supports while Tim attaches them. You can see Timmy's hand poking up on the left side. The white piece across the top of the roof supports is a skylight. It will allow a bit of light in the shed.

Tim and Patrick assembling some roof pieces

And then bolting the pieces to the shed

It's starting to look like a real shed now

Tim puts the roof panels in place while Patrick holds the shed still.

And then the doors went on last.

And it's finished!!! We really like the way it looks

Tim and I are really happy with the shed and we like that it feels very solid. The pieces are light weight plastic, but after everything is snapped together and then bolted it feels very solid.

We are moving all of our lawn care stuff to the shed. It will store my lawnmowers, pots, potting soil, garden tools, etc....

I love that I have a place for all of that stuff, and Tim loves that he has more room in his garage now.

It took about 4-5 hours for 2 people to put the shed together. The finished size is 8 X 10.


  1. Just had to take a quick peek ...

  2. Oooh! Window flower boxes would be really cute :)

  3. yes Jess, I think flower boxes would be adorable too! I was also thinking about putting a workbench/potting table type thing along the side so I could have a nice place to fill my flowerpots. It would be convenient since all of my pots and soil are now in the shed. Plus it would be cute!!