Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blogging about blogging

If you read my blog, I'm sure you have noticed that I do run Google ads on my blog.

Are you wondering how much money I am making from these Google ads?? I'll tell you, not much.

Actually, "not much" is quite an understatement..........really, I can say with all honesty I am making NOTHING with the google ads.

Want to see??

That is a copy of part of my Adsense Overview page from yesterday. It says so far I have made .02 cents this month.

It also says I made .84 cents last month. That is also an understatement. I did not make .84 cents last month, the .84 cents you see there is the TOTAL of all of my blogging earnings for the last year or more.

So in case you were wondering if blogging is a money-maker, it's not for me. There are some bloggers out there with a lot of readers, and they probably do make a good chunk, but I don't have that many readers. I don't really advertise my blog around the web. Most of my readers are my friends and family.

I have recently averaged between 30 and 50 people who read my blog posts when I post them.
99% of the people reading my blog are coming directly from  facebook and are my friends and family. Occasionally a stray person will read my blog because they are directed there through one of my DIY craft posts or a decorating post.

Using Adsense from Google, they will only pay me in $100.00 increments, so I won't see a dime until I reach my first $100.00

Since it has taken me a year to make .84 cents, I calculate that at this rate it will take me over a hundred  years to make $100.00

Now, if you all would actually CLICK on those Google ads on my page that interest you, my money would go up.........but only by a few pennies per click. (Please Note: I am NOT asking you to click on ads to make my Google paycheck higher, I don't want you to think that is what this post is about.)

I don't blog for the money.....I blog for me, and for you. I enjoy writing, I enjoy my DIY projects, fixing up my house, and I like to share. That's really it.

I don't have time to say EVERYTHING thats going on with my life to all of my family and friends individually. I have found blogging is a way to let my friends and family know what I'm up to.

Tim and I are homebodies, and we really don't socialize much. We don't get out much.  I also hate talking on the phone. I never have time to write emails anymore.  Blogging makes sense to me...........just as a way to keep in touch (I'm still alive!!!) and let our friends peek into our lives and see whats happening.

I can look at my blog "dashboard" and see how many readers I have each day. I can also see what country you live in, and what type of browser you are using (internet explorer, google crome, firefox, etc...)

For the record, I can not specifically see who is reading my blog. Just numbers. So if you are a "lurker" here, you are safe!

This is my dashboard info for this morning. Most of my readers are from the USA, but there are a few coming from other countries too.

So I just thought I would clarify that for you all, in case you were wondering if I make money off this blog, or if I can tell who is reading. I know I wonder about those kind of things.

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