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My Caribbean Vacation - Day 12 - Sea Day 3

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DAY 12 - SEA DAY 3 - Wednesday Sept 11, 2013 

This morning I woke up at 7:00..............I had only had 4 hours (or less) of sleep but I couldn't get back to sleep. I finally gave up and quietly went out onto the balcony.

I sat out there for awhile in the warm sun. I didn't really have a hang-over, but I was really tired. I felt like I didn't have enough sleep.
I contemplated whether or not to go in and go back asleep, but ultimately I decided I was hungry.

I went back in and dressed quietly. I took my S&S card with me, and I went up to get a plate of breakfast.
Christina was still sleeping so I tried not to wake her up. At least one of us was able to sleep!

Up on the Lido deck, I saw Hector and got my usual omelet, bacon and other breakfast goodies.

As I walked back down to the cabin with my plate of food, I realized that today was our last day on the ship!
The last day is always a little sad, but I decided I was definitely going to make the best of my last day.

When I got to the cabin, I ate my breakfast by myself on the balcony.
I let Christina sleep for awhile, but then I started thinking she wouldn't want to sleep through her last day on the ship. I decided to try to wake her around 9:15

She got up when I woke her, and she was hungry.
I went back up to the Lido deck with her so she could get some food and coffee.

I helped her carry her food back to the cabin and we talked about what we wanted to do today.

The first thing we wanted to do was walk around the ship and take pictures of EVERYTHING.

When she was done eating, we both showered and dressed for the day.

We left Carlos his usual tip and note.............we grabbed our cameras and headed out to take some pictures.

We started all the way at the top of the ship and worked our way down. We spent almost 2 hours walking around taking pics of every room we could think of.
If you haven't already, check out my TOUR OF THE VICTORY to see my pics of the ship.

When we were done taking pictures, we went back to the cabin and I put my camera on the charger. I had used almost all of my battery up.

We went back out and ran a few errands. We went to the gift shop for a few last minute things.
One of my favorite souvenirs I bought on the ship was this Carnival mousepad.  I am using it on my desk at work, and it makes me happy.

We also checked our balances for our S&S accounts at Guest Services. You don't actually have to stand in the Guest Services line, there is a kiosk you can use to check your balance. There is another kiosk outside of the gift shops on Deck 5.

At some point that morning we walked into the Caribbean Theater and watched a few minutes of a game show that was going on in there.
We saw a few of our favorite people hosting the show...........Donkey was on one side (in the red shirt), and Shane was on the other side (in blue)

We only stayed a few minutes, so I'm really not even sure what game show it was. 

 We made sure to stop all of our favorite people when we saw them that day and take pics with them.

We found Carlos cleaning cabins in our hallway, and he was kind enough to pose with me:

Of course, we stopped and talked with Ari for awhile.

Ari was excited because he was going home tomorrow when the ship docked in Miami. He was from Indonesia and he told us he would be in several airports and on several different airplanes on his way home. He told us it would take him over 24 hours to travel all the way to Indonesia.

We also ran into our favorite photographer, Arun..............and for a change, we asked him to pose for a pic for us. Too bad he wasn't at one of the backdrops on the Promenade deck. We wanted to ask him to pose at the piano for us!!  He thought that was pretty funny, and he said he would have done that for us, but he was stuck working at the photo shop all day.
We settled for this pose:

We walked past the big map on the Promenade deck. We could see we were almost back to Florida! 
How sad!!! We weren't ready to go back yet.


We walked up to the Serenity deck and we found our friends from last night, Brad and Zack. They looked as tired as we did.
We all found some lounge chairs and we just layed around in the sun for awhile. I think I fell asleep for a few minutes.

We were all hungry for lunch but none of us really had the energy to go all the way to the Lido deck to get food.
Then I remembered reading that they have boxed lunches on the Serenity deck.

I went over to the Serenity bar and asked if they had any lunches.
I came back to our chairs with boxed lunches for everyone. We all had chicken wraps and pretzels. We ate on our lounge chairs and spent some more time just laying around. It was a lazy day for all of us.

At some point I decided to go back to the cabin to get some of my packing done. Christina was comfortable so I walked back to the cabin myself. She said she would meet me there shortly.

I wish I had my camera with me (it was still charging in the room) because as I walked past the Lido deck pool, I stopped to watch Marcelo and Donkey. They were having some kind of event on deck for St Jude. They had reached some kind of goal of raising money and Marcelo and Donkey were saying they were going to jump in the pool with their clothes on.

I didn't want to miss that, so I found a spot by the railing and watched them. I was kicking myself for not having my camera.

Within a few minutes, Marcelo, Donkey, Shane and a few other staff members lined up along the pool edge.
After a quick countdown, they all jumped in the pool fully clothed. It was great to watch! So sad I didn't get any pics of that.

Back in the cabin, I got a head start on my packing.
Christina came back to the cabin too, and started her packing.

By 3:00, I was so tired I decided I needed a nap. The rest of my packing could wait, and I slept for almost 2 hours.
Boy, I needed that!!

When I woke up, it was time for us to get ready for dinner.
We cleaned up, changed our clothes, and headed out around 6:00PM.

On our way to the Dining room, we stopped in the formalities shop and bought Donovan and Joyce each a rose.
We were SO SAD that tonight was our last meal with them and we wanted to do something nice for them.
Since gift items are very limited on the ship, we couldn't think of anything other than to get them each a rose.
We didn't think they would want anything from the gift shop.

We wanted a yellow rose for Donovan (meaning friendship), but they only had red and pink roses in the shop. We bought one of each.

When we walked into the Dining room, the hostesses took us back to our usual table. Number 177

 Our dinner was awesome as usual. We had a lot of attention from Donovan and Joyce. They really appreciated that we brought them roses, and we all had a great time at dinner.
As usual, it was empty back in their section, so they both spent a lot of time with us while we ate.

After dinner we all posed for pictures together.

 Then............the lights flickered............the signal for the goodbye song.
It was SO SAD.
The waiters (and waitresses) sang "Leavin' on a cruise ship" to the tune of "Leavin' on a jet plane", and Christina and I were very sad. That was not a fun song to hear tonight.

Thats when the tears started.

Now.............I am not a person that cries a lot.....................but I sure did cry at the end of dinner that night.
I was really sad knowing I would never see Donovan and Joyce again. I just loved them both to pieces.

I was crying, Christina was was ridiculous! We were bawling over our dinner servers!!!

Donovan came over and put his arm around my shoulders, which made me cry even more. He told us to stop crying , or he was going to cry too. We all laughed.
It was funny, but it was really sad too.

Christina and I composed ourselves, we said goodbye to Donovan and Joyce, gave them each a HUGE cash tip, and we left the dining room for the last time. We both still had tears as we walked out, and I wondered what the other passengers must have thought of us.

We went up to the Prominade deck and sat down on our favorite bar stools to have a smoke and calm down. We were both still really upset. I think we sat there for about 10 minutes and didn't say hardly a word to each other.

 OK.............we still had a whole night ahead of we shook it off and dried our tears.

We went up to our cabin to finish packing our stuff. We wanted to see the show"VROOM" later that night, but we wanted to get our suitcases out into the hallway before the show. The suitcases would be picked up and taken down to the lower part of the ship. We would be able to get them the next morning after we got off the ship.
We kept our carry-ons and enough clothes and things to be able to function for the rest of the night and the morning.

Around 8:30, we walked down to the Caribbean Theater to find our favorite seats.
Our friends Brad and Zack joined us for the show that night.

It was a great show! I loved it just as much the 2nd time.

After the show, we spotted Shane standing by the stage.

We went down to see if we could catch him. We didn't think we would see him again and we wanted a picture with him.
A passenger sitting nearby took this one for us, it came out blurry.

After our pics with Shane, we went to deck 5 and walked around the Promenade deck. We happened to see Marcelo and Donkey standing together by the wine bar. I asked them if I could take a picture, and I got this awesome pose from them:

These two were an awesome team. We really thought they both did an excellent job at entertaining us on this cruise.
Thanks for a good time, Marcelo and Donkey!!

We wanted to go to the Comedy club that night, but when we got there it was packed with people. Neither of us felt like standing through the whole comedy show, so we just went back to the cabin.

Carlos had left us this very cool lobster. How in the heck did he make that???

We got our cell phones out of the safe and charged them up for the morning.
We spent some time out on the balcony. We went inside and watched some TV.
We filled out our customs forms, and then we went to bed.

Our last night on the ship.

It would have been really sad, but we both knew our vacation wasn't quite over yet.
Christina and I were going to a Spa/Resort in Ft. Lauderdale to spend 3 days before we had to go back home.

Day 13 is HERE!!!

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