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My Caribbean Vacation - Day 14 - Lago Mar Day 2

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DAY 14 - LAGO MAR DAY 2 - Friday Sept 13, 2013

Christina and I were up at 7:00AM.
We sat out on the balcony for a little while, waking up and watching the beautiful sunrise.
It looked like it was going to be a beautiful day!

It was nice to be able to call and text my Sweetheart any time I wanted to.

We took showers and got dressed. We had spa appointments at 9:00AM

When we were ready, we walked down to the spa.

The spa was awesome. Christina said she had the best massage of her life.

The lady who did my nails was so sweet. I just loved her. 
She did a great job on my nails, and I got a hand/arm massage too.

We talked the whole time she did my nails. She told me she loved working at Lago Mar. She said the owners are a husband/wife and they really do a great job with the hotel and the employees. 
She said Lago Mar is VERY popular in the summer and we just happened to be there in their off season (mid-September). She said the hotel is FULL the entire rest of the year and it's hard to get in. 
She also told me that movie stars stay there a lot, because it's an out-of-the-way place where they can come and relax. She didn't want to name-drop, but I did get one name out of her, Cindy Crawford. 

By the time I left the spa, I bought some of the products she had used on my skin. Whatever it was she was using smelled heavenly when she rubbed it on me, and I was SO SOFT. 

I asked her what it was and she showed me what she used. I asked her if she had these things for sale, and she did. 

I'm so glad I bought these because I love them both! I am now very much hooked on this stuff, especially the dry oil in the tall bottle. I use it every day now after I get out of the shower.
The smaller bottle is exfoliating cream. I use that once a week. I'm in love with this stuff.

I was done at the spa before Christina was, so I went back up to the room.
She came in about 20 minutes later and we got ready to go to the beach for the day.

We stopped in at the soda shop and had a quick lunch on our way to the beach.
 We loved this little place.

After we ate, we went down to the water and found a spot. It wasn't crowded at all.
The lounge chairs were free to hotel guests.

Beach pictures

We spent the day laying out, swimming, and looking for sea shells.
It was really a nice day and the weather was perfect.

My only complaint is that after being in the crystal clear blue water in the Caribbean, the brownish green water in Florida was yucky. I was glad I was at the beach.............and I loved the ocean............but I think I'm spoiled now because I thought the water was gross. 

It was a great day. We were so relaxed. When we got hot, we cooled off in the water.
The ocean water was warm, but every few minutes we could feel a current of cold water on our legs. 

Around 4:30PM we packed our stuff up and walked towards the hotel.
We rinsed the sand off in the outdoor shower (it was FREEZING!), then we went in the lagoon pool for a dip.
This pool looked so nice from our balcony, we just wanted to get in for a minute or two on the way back to our room.
The pool felt so good, we stayed in for about 30-40 minutes before we were ready to get out.
The water was the perfect temperature, and we decided that although we loved laying out on the beach, the pool was more enjoyable than the ocean.

Back up in the room, we took turns showering.

Neither of us had the energy to figure out anything for dinner other than room service.
We both ordered the same thing we had the night before, burgers and fries.
They make a very good burger at Lago Mar.

After we ate, we had a sudden burst of energy.
We went down and walked around the hotel grounds. We explored some more areas we hadn't seen yet, and we took a lot of pictures.

We ended up on the beach again at sunset. We loved how calm and peaceful the beach was at this time of night.

The hotel had a musician sitting by the pool playing really good music that night. We could hear him while we were walking around the resort. He was really good. He played Jimmy Buffet type of music, but he had his own style.

We went back to our room and sat on our balcony and listened to him play. What an awesome bonus. It was a great way to end the evening, sitting and talking with my BFF while listening to good music on our balcony.

We wanted to be sure to thank Justin again for the room upgrade to a pool view room. This was just awesome. 

Around 10:00 or so we both heard our comfy beds calling us. 
We watched some TV and went to sleep.

The next day was a shopping day, so we didn't have to get up especially early or anything. 

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