Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Caribbean Vacation - Day 16 - Going Home Day

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DAY 16 - Going Home Day - Sunday Sept 15, 2013

We had to get up early this morning, and it was no fun. It's never fun traveling home after a vacation.

We were tired, and we weren't looking forward to a day of airports and airplanes.
We weren't even going to get to ride in the fun Limo today. It was such a short ride to the airport from the hotel, I had asked John to bring a towncar instead of the limo. 

We showered and dressed, and we shoved the last of our stuff in our suitcases.

When we were ready, we went down to the lobby
We dropped our suitcases by the front door. We were a little early,  we still had 10 or 15 minutes before John was going to be there.

We checked out of our room, and we made sure to thank Justin for the awesome poolside room.

We asked the bellman if he minded if we took some pictures of the lobby, and he told us to take as many pictures as we wanted.

He did ask us if we needed a cab to the airport and we told him we had a car coming for us in a few minutes.

Christina and I ran around the lobby and outside in front of the hotel taking pictures of everything.

Lago Mar is gorgeous. I loved it. I'm so happy I found this place and I am going back. It was a perfect place for a girlfriend get-away, and I think my husband would really like this place too.

After about 10 minutes the bellman let us know our car was here.
We looked out the front doors and OHHHHH!!!

JOHN BROUGHT THE LIMO!!! (happy dance in the lobby at Lago Mar!)

We were so thrilled he brought the limo when we expected (and paid for) a town car!
Thanks John!!!
This really perked us up this morning

I took pictures while they loaded our suitcases in.

While they were loading our stuff, the bellman asked Christina who we REALLY are. He told he he thought we might be someone special since we had a limo drop us off and pick us up.
Of course he was joking, but it's fun to pretend..............

The inside of our limo.

It was a 10-15 minute drive to the airport.

We checked our bags in outside at the porters desk.
Inside we thought it was funny to see this bird walking around inside the airport. No one seemed to care that it was in there.

We got through security and found our gate.
We found a little place that had breakfast sandwiches. These were perfect while we waited for our plane.

Sitting at the gate, we noticed we could see cruise ships. I think it's Port Everglades?
It's nice to know  the cruise port is so close to the Ft Lauderdale airport. I never knew.

Our layover in Milwaukee was longer than we expected. As soon as we found out we were going to be there an extra 45 minutes, we went outside and found our way to a smoking area.

We made it back inside and through security in time for our flight.

This was on the floor in the Milwaukee airport. Christina noticed it first, and it reminded me of my Timmy.
I took a picture and texted it to him.
We even had time to eat in the airport before our flight took off.
We made it to Kansas City around dinnertime. Timmy was there within 5 minutes, and it was sooooo good to see him again!!!

Our suitcases made it to Kansas City too, and we found them quickly in the baggage claim.  All of our souvenirs made it home in one peice, including my glass shot glasses and Timmy's handmade wooden motorcycles.

I can't believe my vacation is over. I've been back just over a month and I still can't believe it's over already.
To combat the depression from coming back from vacation, I'm working on a few vacations for for the not-so-near future.

My sister Lisa and I really want to go on the Disney Dream so we are kicking around the idea of planning a quick 3 or 4 day Disney cruise for next year or the year after.
I also REALLY want to spend my 50th birthday in May 2016 at Disney World, so I'm trying to get a good head start on planning that one. My husband has never been to Disney (can you believe that??!!??) so I really want to show him the happiest place on earth too.I hope he loves Disney as much as I do.

Stay tuned for more adventures!! Thanks for reading!!!

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